Driving School 2017 5.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, unlocked all cars]
Driving School 2017 5.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, unlocked all cars]

Driving School 2017 5.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, unlocked all cars]

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Driving School 2017 is a simulation driving game. Combined with 3D graphics to recreate the stunning landscape of the surroundings. When participating will become a driver to perform the task. The goal is to complete the challenges given on each trip to be able to receive rewards. From there, develop a career on the way to becoming a professional racer. This game is built around the theme of driving lessons. Joining will bring you the true experience of the process of operating a car. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to test your skills in many different modes. Simultaneously drive many vehicles provided by the system. The operating mechanism is simulated realistically based on many factors.

Driving School 2017 – Drive Your Car On Traffic Routes

Follow the driving mechanics of the game. Each vehicle has a different operating system. Shown through manual and automatic transmissions. At the same time, the control interface is designed to be intuitive. You will use the brake and gas icons, and combine the vehicle’s gearbox to move. Along with using left and right arrows to navigate. Besides, the game also provides car features based on real life. Through the unique icons displayed on the screen. From there use it to turn on the turn signals, wipers on the windshield, turn on warning lights, turn on the siren, and more. Besides, it is possible to observe the speed, rpm, parameters, and miniature map through the display screen of the vehicle.Driving School 2017

Vehicle operating mechanism

To be able to operate vehicles on the road. It is necessary to combine the control features in order. Before starting, it is necessary to shift gears to D for automatic transmission. Or switch to 1st gear and gradually increase it to 2, 3, 4, and 5 for manual transmission cars. In parallel, it should be combined with the current speed of the vehicle moving. At the same time, it is necessary to obey traffic rules to be able to master driving operations. For example, turn on the turn signal before changing direction, and do not exceed the maximum speed allowed in the city. As well as drive carefully so as not to collide with obstacles or traffic. Or in a dark environment need to turn on the lights.Driving School 2017

Driving mode

Perform the missions of Driving School 2017 in driving school mode. Over 80 levels to help you hone your skills and experience. Each level opens a trip on different traffic routes. You need to control the vehicle to move along the indicated route. Through the miniature map displayed on the vehicle’s screen. The driving process needs to ensure safety and absolutely obey traffic rules. From there, you will receive experience points to accumulate. After driving to the final designated point will end the trip. Based on accumulated points will achieve corresponding achievements and receive rewards.

On each trip, there will be many things that will reduce your experience points. For example, when a driver enters a solid line on the road, he does not turn on his turn signal before changing direction. Do not stop at red lights at intersections and go over the speed limit. There are many other rules that will reduce experience points if you make mistakes. Conversely, every time you achieve a new achievement, you will receive more experience points.Tai Driving School 2017

Vehicle system with many segments

More than 100 vehicles are provided by the game for you to explore. Those are cars that are designed in their own way. The vehicle system will be divided into several segments. From large SUVs to luxury sedans. Or off-road pickup trucks, even sports cars, and supercars. Each segment will have many models to choose from. They are all inspired by real-life prototypes. Produced by famous brands all over the world. The performance of each vehicle will be assessed in detail. Through the garage, you can learn about each of their parameters. Includes acceleration time, torque, top speed, and power.Download Driving School 2017

Modified MOD information of Driving School 2017

  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • unlocked all cars

When you first start playing Driving School 2017 will experience driving mode. But later can come with free driving or multiplayer mode. Each mode will take you on fascinating trips. At the same time will test the skills and experience learned to compete with other competitors. For example, multiplayer mode opens a race between you and the racers. Join them in ranking high and low on the way to finding the person to finish first and win. Or the free driving mode can freely drive the vehicle to explore the vast city on the roads.

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Name ID Driving School 2017
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Size 50MB
New version 5.9
MOD Info Unlimited money, unlocked all cars
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