Turbo Stars 1.8.29 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamonds coins, thunder bundle unlocked]
Turbo Stars 1.8.29 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamonds coins, thunder bundle unlocked]

Turbo Stars 1.8.29 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamonds coins, thunder bundle unlocked]

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Turbo Stars opens stickman races on arc tracks. Use your skateboard gear to cross challenging routes. Aim to reach the finish line with the lead to win. As the racing gameplay takes place, you will compete with many other stickman opponents. They are all controlled by AI. Every rider will compete with each other on the road to keep moving forward. At the same time face a lot of dangerous obstacles. But at the same time need to collect gold coins. Moreover, it is also possible to use weapons to attack opponents when directly impacted. To increase the experience when participating in the game. A variety of unique features are offered. From a diverse character system to racing equipment.

Turbo Stars MOD APK – Competitive Race On The Arc To Find The Champion

Get ready for the races in the game Turbo Stars. Follow the simple touch mechanism to perform the control operation. But to flexibly overcome the winding, challenging arc terrain on the road. You need to dodge correctly. Because the collision will cause the stickman racer to have an accident. Slowed down, giving the opponent a chance to pass or outrun. Thereby losing the opportunity to win to receive rewards. At the same time, it is also possible to take advantage of the terrain to make a launch pad. Perform 360-degree aerial swing stunts. Or move winding through the tunnel.Turbo Stars

Missions according to each racing level

Stickman races in the game Turbo Stars open at each level. At each level will compete with many other stickman opponents. They use different mobility devices. The difference between them is also shown in body color. As soon as they start from the starting line, the riders will not stop moving forward with the aim of leading. According to the rules of the game, the stickman racer who reaches the finish line first will win. To be able to become the champion in each race. It is imperative that you pass all the opponents on the road.

From the racing levels that take place will experience many vivid racing environments. Expressed through color, landscape, and surroundings. For example racing on runways, in tunnels, in the desert, 3D space tracks, and much more. Depending on each level, every time you start a new race, the system will randomly unlock it to participate.Game Turbo Stars

Difficulty increased

Every time you start racing in a new level of Turbo Stars. The difficulty will increase to provide a greater challenge. Besides the racing environment is changed. The number of stickman racers competing will increase more than before. But that is not all, because there are dangerous obstacles on the way. Along with the fast movement speed will make you, as well as the opponents, vulnerable to collisions. So it is necessary to observe from a distance to actively avoid it. In particular, the racing skills of the opponents have been improved significantly. Make you meet a lot of difficulties on the way to becoming a champion.Tai Turbo Stars

Collect and use many items

Throughout the course of the race in Turbo Stars will have the opportunity to collect many items. Gold coins appear scattered from the starting line to the finish line. Along with a golden key that appears randomly depending on each level. In addition, there is support equipment to use. Includes magnets to attract all gold coins, circle protected by automatic rotating swords. A bolt of lightning strikes the track to cause a loss of control to opponents within a certain range. Or knock your opponent into the air for a chance to take the lead.

Unlock new mobility devices

From time to time play Turbo Stars. Going through the racing levels will accumulate a large number of gold coins and rubies. This can now be used to unlock new mobile devices. Starting from a free skateboard at the beginning. More rocket gear, unicycles, scooters, roller skates, beach balls, and more can be purchased later on. Each device will bring its own unique racing style. For example, the skateboard will glide smoothly through the arc roads. The unicycle will be pedaled to roll over at a fast speed.Download Turbo Stars

Modified MOD information of Turbo Stars

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems
  • Huge Amount Of diamonds
  • Huge Amount Of coins
  • thunder bundle unlocked

Besides the moving equipment provided by Turbo Stars. It is also possible to customize the character’s interface with many different equipment and accessories. At the same time, there are many characters for you to choose from and role-play. A stickman racer with a distinctive color, a woman, a boy, or a gentleman,… Many other characters will be discovered when participating. The difference between them is shown in the costumes and hats, as well as their appearance.

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Name ID Turbo Stars - Rival Racing
Updated On 14/06/2024
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 47MB
New version 1.8.29
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gems diamonds coins, thunder bundle unlocked
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Update 14/06/2024 (5 days ago )