Drag Racing Classic 1.00.60 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, RP]
Drag Racing Classic 1.00.60 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, RP]

Drag Racing Classic 1.00.60 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, RP]

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Are you ready for speed races? A straight route unfolds at Drag Racing Classic. Test your driving skills for maximum gear shifting and acceleration. To compete with other racers in 1vs1 gameplay on the road. This game builds the racing theme in a whole new style. Instead of designing a track with complicated turns and turns. Create challenges for every player as they race to the finish line. Here has been optimized to simplify the racing mechanics. On a straight road with no turns. The result of winning or losing is shown through the performance of the racing car. Along with your combination in the acceleration and use N2O to overcome the opponent.

Description about Drag Racing Classic MOD APK – Race to Test Vehicle Performance

Become a car racer in the game Drag Racing Classic. You will be competing with other racers in many modes. But no matter which mode to perform the task. It all depends on your speedy skills. Through the manual transmission on the steering wheel and N2O combination for maximum acceleration. As mentioned earlier about the racing mechanics of the game. There are no winding roads and no obstacles. So you absolutely do not have to worry about collisions between vehicles. Instead, there are challenges that open up according to each race that awaits ahead.Drag Racing Classic

Race mode with criminals

Come to the racing mode to compete with the criminals in the city of Drag Racing Classic. Each race opens with a different vehicle, driven by a criminal. You and your opponent will compete on the road to sort out the winners and losers. According to the rules of the game, the racer reaches the finish line with the lead. At the same time complete it in the shortest time possible. Qualify given on time in each race. From there will win to receive rewards. Suppose you become the winner, by surpassing the opponent. Then you will receive a valuable bonus.

Continue the race with the criminal in the new mission. Vehicles used by competitors have superior performance capabilities than before. Based on the parameters can be bigger than your racing car. Especially when it comes to a certain mission, you also have to face a notorious boss. Driving a racing vehicle has impressive performance. But at the same time, the amount of bonus received after winning will increase more.Game Drag Racing Classic

Online racing mode

Test your skills in Drag Racing Classic ‘s online racing. Opponents are no longer notorious criminals or bosses. Instead, there are real players. They come from many places and will be randomly linked by the system to compete with you. Follow the 1vs1 racing mode to challenge your opponent’s abilities. You and they will use their vehicles to conduct racing. Constantly increase your speed and move forward as fast as you can. From there, classifying winners and losers is based on ranking position.

Besides 1vs1 online mode. You can also choose to participate in the race with the participation of up to 10 people. With lots of different vehicles of opponents to race. You will have to compete with the remaining 9 racers to sort out the winners and losers. Before the overwhelming acceleration of the opponents on the road. It will add excitement, but also bring many tough challenges.Download Drag Racing Classic

Unlock new vehicles

More than 50 different vehicles from Europe and America are provided by Drag Racing Classic. They are designed in their own unique style. The difference is reflected in the body, size, and style. Moreover, the performance is evaluated through technical parameters. Includes Strength, Weight, and Grip. To own a new racing vehicle in the game. Will need to use the money to buy it. Go through the garage and use the money you accumulate from previous races. Then you can choose and unlock your favorite racing car.Ear Drag Racing Classic

To improve the performance of a racing car in Drag Racing Classic. It is possible to upgrade many different parts of the vehicle. Includes engine, nitro, turbo, weight, and wheels. Each element will have many upgrades, after using money to make. From there, it will enhance the performance of the racing car to become more outstanding. For example, upgrading nitro not only helps to use a longer time. It also increases the top speed of larger racing cars.

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Name ID Drag Racing Classic
Updated On 22/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Creative Mobile Games
Size 34MB
New version 1.00.60
MOD Info Unlimited Money, RP
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