Drone 2 Free Assault 2.2.168 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Drone 2 Free Assault 2.2.168 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Drone 2 Free Assault 2.2.168 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Get ready for an intense air raid in Drone 2 Free Assault. Attack on the barracks of the target army force. Perform missions to destroy targets and destroy bases. Win to complete the ultimate aim. From there earn bonuses to continue the journey in new challenges. Join the game will be entering the war in the world. Control aircraft operating in the sky and use high-tech weapon systems. At the same time establish a defense line for the aircraft carrier Damocles. Accordingly, your ultimate goal is to restore world peace. Prevent wars between army forces. Through it will have to perform a lot of different tasks. With tough challenges waiting ahead.

Drone 2 Free Assault MOD APK – Make an Air Raid on the Enemy Base

Come to Drone 2 Free Assault to fight around the world. Carry out intense air strikes on the enemy base. Resist the fierce onslaught of their defenses. Survive the dangers of enemy air defense fire. Successfully wipe to complete the mission. Accordingly, it will recreate the battles on many different terrains. Along with changes in environmental and weather conditions take place. For example sandstorms, dense fog, and more. To adapt to the environment in each battle. Fair or Night Vision can be used. From there, it will be easier to detect the target to be able to attack more accurately.Drone 2 Free Assault

More than 120 different missions

More than 120 missions with different campaigns in Drone 2 Free Assault. Revolving around operating aircraft to conduct air battles. Attack enemy units and destroy their defenses. From there will complete the task and receive the reward. Based on the conditions given in each campaign, along with the statistics of the defeated targets. At that time, you will receive the corresponding bonus and experience points. Continue quests to take on new challenges. The rewards received after difficult campaigns will increase even more. Allows you to accumulate large amounts to use for upgrades and trading activities.Ear Drone 2 Free Assault

The campaign is getting harder and harder

From the campaign that takes place in the game Drone 2 Free Assault. The mission system will increase gradually with each new battle. A series of difficult challenges are waiting for you ahead. At the same time, the conditions given will become more and more demanding. As well as the enemy’s defense system will fight back more fiercely than before. Not all, because it will have to bombard a large number of targets, with many types. This causes the quest to fail if the challenge is not completed. This means that the operation will have to be restarted to conduct the air raid. Only when fulfilling the conditions given in a campaign. Only then can you continue with the new mission.Game Drone 2 Free Assault

Various missions

A series of different tasks to perform in Drone 2 Free Assault. Launch an attack on the enemy barracks and do not kill people. Defend allies and destroy targets around the globe. Prevent their control and support the attack from the air. Accordingly, the most appropriate strategy will have to be devised. Combine with different activities to be able to complete the mission excellently. From raiding, and defending, to accurate firing to destroy. Everything has to happen quickly. Because the longer it lasts, the more it will cause allies to lose their lives. Will the terrorists kill them to stop your purpose?

More than 50 combat units

Take part in the air raid of the game Drone 2 Free Assault. There are more than 50 combat units to destroy. Typically snipers, armored tanks, anti-aircraft guns, warships,… Many other units will appear after the next campaign. To be able to stop them and achieve the ultimate goal. There is no other choice but to destroy. Use the weapon system equipped on the aircraft. From the sky, accurately fired bullets. Or launch missiles, and drop bombs to create intense destructive power. At the same time, it is necessary to observe to avoid, not attack allies.Download Drone 2 Free Assault

Modified MOD information of Drone 2 Free Assault

  • Huge Amount Of Money

Lots of different weapons to equip your plane. Drone 2 Free Assault provides a high-tech fire system. ern operational capabilities will help you attack the enemy. Examples include missiles, bombs, guided missiles, machine guns, and cannons. There are some other weapons that will be explored later. Each type has its own unique attack style. Will bring great destructive power against enemy forces. However, it is necessary to understand their mechanism of action in order to use them appropriately in each situation.

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Name ID Drone 2 Free Assault
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Reliance Entertainment Studios UK Pvt Ltd
Size 590MB
New version 2.2.168
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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