Dungeons and Honor Mod Hack APK 1.6.6 (Menu, Free Shopping)
Dungeons and Honor Mod Hack APK 1.6.6 (Menu, Free Shopping)

Dungeons and Honor Mod Hack APK 1.6.6 (Menu, Free Shopping)

By HN - 05/12/2022
Name LMHMOD Dungeons and Honor
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Nameless Studio Entertainment
MOD Features Menu, Free Shopping
Size 109MB
Version 1.6.6
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 05/12/2022 (4 months ago )

From a combination of role-playing and strategy genres. Publisher Nameless opens the game Dungeons and Honor Mod. The content follows a compelling story. Opens up in a fantasy world, revolving around the journey of heroes. Quests of exploration and discovery of mysterious locations. To find the father of the character Blaze. In the team game, you will lead a group of heroes to participate in a challenging adventure. Perform combat missions against dangerous enemies. Also, learn about hidden secrets. There is a chance to collect much valuable loot. This game is experienced in both online and offline modes. Or through the LAN to play with friends.

Download Dungeons and Honor Mod – Lead the Guild of Heroes into Adventure

Learn about the story of the Dungeons and Honor Mod game. Revolving around the character Blaze on his journey to find his father. He is one of the best explorers in the world. Currently in an area deep in the dungeon. Wishing to reunite with his lost father. The blaze has assembled a group of people to embark on an adventure together. Enter the dark dungeon and face countless difficult challenges. Accordingly, there will be an opportunity to uncover unknown mysteries. Perform a variety of missions to conquer difficult challenges.Dungeons and Honor Mod

Perform multiple missions

Follow the adventure story that takes place in Dungeons and Honor Mod. Your mission is to lead a group of heroes on a challenging journey. Take responsibility for the decisions made. Build a strong squad, as well as the attack strategy of the whole team. At the same time must find ways to enhance the abilities of the heroes. Help them become more and more advanced to be able to cope with difficult challenges. Because in the journey that takes place, will have to participate in many different matches. Fight epic monsters and bosses in locations. Fight guilds or compete with other players in the arena. The classification of winners and losers is based on the strength of the heroes.Game Dungeons and Honor Mod

The gameplay, the process

Gather a guild of heroes to join the fight in Dungeons and Honor Mod. Follow the strategic gameplay that controls each hero to perform the attack action. Through the selection of each person in the team and instructions for movement. As well as fighting with the selected target. In the process, the remaining heroes will stand still in place waiting for you to lead. Each match lasts until the hero guild destroys all enemies or is defeated by them. After wiping them out in the arena will win. Based on difficulty and achievements. There will be a chance to get the corresponding amount of gold coins and blue crystals. Continue the adventure to enter the new quest. Face more difficult challenges.Tai Dungeons and Honor Mod

Character system

Dungeons and Honor Mod owns a diverse character system. They are powerful fighting heroes. Simultaneously shaped in a cartoon style. Each has its own set of fighting skills. For example, the alchemist has the ability to heal wounds and support teammates during combat. The knight wields a large sword that can deliver powerful slashes. But the attack speed is quite slow. Or warriors possessing a sword and shield. Can excel in defense with great stamina. There are many other characters that will be discovered when participating. Their strength is also reflected in their stats. Includes health, physical damage, magic damage, physical defense, and magic defense.

Game Modes

As introduced at the beginning of Dungeons and Honor Mod. The game has many different modes to participate in. Includes online, LAN, and offline modes. Accordingly, each mode will bring you to different strategic battles. Completely free to play in offline mode. Quest against epic monsters and dangerous bosses. Online mode with the participation of many players around the world. Will compete with their team of heroes to find the winning guild. Or LAN mode with the connection with friends. Fight together to accomplish difficult missions.Download Dungeons and Honor Mod

In Dungeons and Honor Mod’s story quest-based battle. The Hero Guild will have to fight many different monsters. They can be goblin mushrooms, fruit devils, and many others. Each monster is uniquely shaped, bringing with it fun. But possessing offensive and defensive power is not the same. Can endanger heroes in fierce battles. Moreover, when facing the boss, the power is far superior. Without a suitable attack strategy, the hero guild will have to admit defeat.

Download Dungeons and Honor Hack APK 1.6.6 Android

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