Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.34.1519581 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of crystals, money, no human verification]
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.34.1519581 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of crystals, money, no human verification]

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.34.1519581 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of crystals, money, no human verification]

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Recruit heroes from all time in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Lead them to participate in star wars. With the task of fighting the enemies in space. Resist invaders on distant lands. Accordingly, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Have a chance to fight with many forces in the galaxy. Only by defeating them and overcoming all challenges. Only then can you win to continue the journey. This game is a role-playing game genre. Combined with turn-based gameplay, taking place in matches. With many features provided to unleash exploring. Diverse hero system to recruit into the squad. Can collect much valuable loot after the battle.

Description about Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK – Lead the Heroes in Turn-Based Battles with the Cosmic Legion

The battles between heroes in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The gameplay is played in turn. Revolving around the attack between the hero faction and the alien legion. Accordingly, recruit a group of heroes to participate in the battle. Every time it’s the hero’s turn to attack, each person, in turn, will use their own special skill. From there, deal damage to enemies or heal allies. Besides, when it is the turn of the aliens to attack, the same happens. There was a period of fighting after the entire force of either faction was defeated first. The other side will win.Star Wars- Galaxy of Heroes

Two great story-driven campaigns

Get ready to go to war according to the story of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Open two major campaigns, including the battle of light and the attack in the dark. Each campaign will recreate many battles by level. Start from the light war with the goal of accumulating a sufficient number of stars. Through that will be forced to win. When meeting the requirements, the system will unlock the campaign in the dark. With greater challenges, especially will be stepping into a new universe. Causing heroes to face countless dangers. Even they will have to trade their lives against fearsome enemies.Game Star Wars- Galaxy of Heroes

Quests by game level

Follow the massive campaign mode of the game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Matches will be played according to each level of play. You will constantly recruit heroes and choose to form a team. Then lead them into turn-based battles. At each level, participants will be divided into many stages. Defeat the forces of the space legion in turn. Successfully pass all levels and win. From there it is possible to end a level of play to receive rewards. At the same time will achieve the number of stars corresponding to the conditions given at each level. Helps you to accumulate according to the many matches taking place.Tai Star Wars- Galaxy of Heroes

Difficulty increased

After each mission completion in a fight. It is possible to continue into the match in the next level of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. But the challenge will be greater than before. Many changing factors will make it difficult for heroes. Because the battle will become more and more fierce and the difficulty increases. The number of legions in outer space will increase more than before. Especially their fighting ability is outstanding. Can deal massive amounts of damage on the turn. As well as great stamina, making heroes take a long time to defeat. Not stopping there, many new enemies appear.

Join the guild, PvP arena

In addition to the campaign-based battle in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. You can also create your own guild or join someone else’s guild. From there will be cooperation with friends in the guild. Can join them to participate in battles to perform missions. Don’t just fight common enemies. But also have to fight the boss in a fierce battle. Besides can also participate in the PvP arena. Compete with other online players. Through the turn-based attack between the heroic forces of the two. Winning against your opponent will help you increase your rank. Aim to be at the top of the global leaderboard.Download Star Wars- Galaxy of Heroes

Modified MOD information of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of crystals, money
  • no human verification
  • unlimited everything 2023

Lots of different heroes for you to recruit. They are Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes inspired by famous movies. For example Jedi Consular, Ewor Scout, Snowtrooper, Royal Guard,… and many more. Each hero has his own set of special combat skills. They have an impressive attack style, reflected in the weapons used. For example, a swordsman can deal massive damage to an enemy. The hero uses his gun and shoots furiously at all enemies. Or the hero plays a support role, which will restore the health of teammates.

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Name ID Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
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New version 0.34.1519581
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited crystals, money, no human verification
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