Legend of Heroes 0.9.9 APK MOD [Bot Doesn’t Attack]

Legend of Heroes 0.9.9 APK MOD [Bot Doesn’t Attack]

By The Toan - (Period 6 months ago)
Name ID Legend of Heroes
Updated On 31/10/2023
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Trèfle & Co. Game
Size 142MB
New version 0.9.9
MOD Info Bot Doesn't Attack
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Update 31/10/2023 (6 months ago )
Legend of Heroes 0.9.9 APK MOD [Bot Doesn’t Attack]

Play as a hero in the adventure game Legend of Heroes. This is an action role-playing game. Unleash the wars in the dark dungeon. The mission takes place according to each survival level. The game also combines ranged combat and melee attacks. Revolving around the duties of a powerful archer and swordsman. Set in a magical land. Recreate a beautiful and vivid world. But this place hides a lot of scary dangers. They are found in each area of ​​the land. Accordingly, you as a hero will have to uncover mysteries. To do that need to cross the area through the wars. Defeat dangerous enemies to win and survive.

Description about Legend of Heroes MOD APK – Adventure Through Areas of Magical Land

Legend of Heroes game is a combination of many different fighting styles. Adventure process through areas to uncover mysteries. The hero is equipped with a great treasure sword to unleash slashes. Also, use a bow capable of shooting long-range arrows. Easily destroy dangerous enemies when facing them in each area. More specifically, it is also possible to create magical power to attack and destroy many enemies. Depends on the circumstances when the hero faces. From there, it will automatically choose to fight in its own way.

Relying on simple game mechanics, with just one finger can still be controlled. You need to touch and hold the joystick navigation key. From there it is possible to move the hero across the magical land. As soon as you release your hand, it will automatically attack to destroy the enemy.Legend of Heroes

Quests according to survival levels

Adventure on the beautiful land in Legend of Heroes according to each survival level. Each level opens up a battle area. With the appearance of a lot of creatures, and dangerous enemies. Along with the obstacles, traps are placed everywhere. Accordingly, the hero will have to fight against all enemies. Only after wiping them all out can you protect yourself. Simultaneously overcome dangerous obstacles and proceed to the door at the end of the path. From there it is possible to conquer an area and move on to the next level.

From the war in the process of attacking the enemy. After destroying them will receive coins. Depending on the ability of each enemy will receive the corresponding bonus amount. The amount will constantly increase every time you defeat enemies in more dangerous areas. Moreover, from the wooden crates, after destroying them, there is also a chance to randomly receive certain coins.Game Legend of Heroes

Many changes to increase the difficulty

Every time start an adventure quest in the next area of ​​Legend of Heroes. There are many elements that will be changed to increase the difficulty. Since the terrain and environment are designed differently than before. Until the obstacles and traps are arranged in more numbers. Especially the appearance of enemies with increased numbers. At the same time, there are more dangerous enemies, with superior abilities. Even when it comes to certain stages, you still have to face a boss. Make the hero face many difficult challenges. Hard to cross the area to continue the adventure.Tai Legend of Heroes

Various types of strengthening powers

Experience fierce battles according to survival zones in Legend of Heroes. After completing a challenge at a certain level. Will be selected 1 of the 3 types of power to enhance the hero’s ability. Accordingly, there are many different powers for you to learn. Includes a certain amount of health increase, maximum health increase, and healing over time. Increases attack damage, archery speed, and sword swing speed. There are many more other skills that will be provided after completing the quest. Each type will bring a unique fighting ability for you to choose from. Depending on the hero’s status, learn the appropriate skill to be more effective.Download Legend of Heroes

The process of exploring the magical land in Legend of Heroes. There will be many different dangers to face. Fight creatures, goblins, monsters, and more. Each type of enemy will attack in its own style. At the same time possessing outstanding stamina and a huge amount of blood. More specifically, there are many types of bosses that the hero will have to face. Each type of boss possesses outstanding fighting power. From the large size to the ability to defend and attack. All stats are bigger than normal enemies.

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