Heroes vs Hordes 1.49.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, God-mode]
Heroes vs Hordes 1.49.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, God-mode]

Heroes vs Hordes 1.49.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, God-mode]

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Fight dangerous enemies in Heroes vs. Hordes: Survival by MODLMH . According to the role-playing gameplay combined with survival elements. Unleash battles against waves of monster attacks in real-time. Through the top-down view to perform offensive actions. The goal is to wipe out all enemies to survive, thereby completing the assigned task. Joining the game also has the opportunity to discover many interesting things that are not yet known. With more environments opening up in other locations. Along with a diverse weapon system used for unique attacks. Can be combined with skill, through the collection of valuable book rights. Moreover, there are many attractive gifts after completing the task.

Heroes vs. Hordes: Survival MOD APK – Fight the Waves of Monsters in the Battle for Survival

Perform tasks according to the content of the game. Here the system opens up by chapter, in each chapter, a battle site is recreated. Simultaneously is divided into several stages with a specific number. Each stage takes place in a battle against waves of attacks from monsters. Following the real-time action gameplay on the battlefield, it is necessary to survive until the end of time. Then continue to fight with the task of destroying monsters with a specific number. Successfully conquer all challenges to finish the match. From there will complete the mission at one stage. Continue to new stages with increased difficulty. Face a greater challenge from the fierce attacks of monsters.Tai Heroes vs. Hordes- Survival MOD

The gameplay takes place in stages

The process of fighting for survival in stages. There will be no support from anyone, only against all alone. Use equipped weapons, combined with skills to attack the oncoming monsters. Can move freely on a large battlefield. Even moving and attacking with auxiliary skills. Over time, experience waves of attacks from fearsome enemies. Heroes will receive experience points to accumulate, and when meeting the conditions will increase to the next level. From there can acquire new skills to enhance combat ability.Download Heroes vs. Hordes- Survival MOD

Powers that increase when reaching new levels

Heroes vs. Hordes: Survival has many skills for heroes to learn after leveling up. Includes increased max health, movement speed, and attack power. Improve defense, increase magic power, and learn attack skills from afar. Moreover, it is possible to change the combat weapon. For example, using a normal sword to attack an enemy. After reaching the new level, you can change to a crossbow that shoots arrows, a magic wand, or a high-class sword. There are many other skills and powers that will be unlocked after reaching higher levels. Depending on the situation, along with your battle strength and play style. Can choose to deploy attacks in the next battle.Heroes vs. Hordes- Survival MOD

Various types of offensive weapons

A series of uniquely designed weapons. At the same time, they have different attack styles for heroes to use. Accordingly, you can pass the collection after completing the quests. Or through opening the gift box to receive randomly. These include swords, hammers, bows, crossbows, boomerangs, grenades, darts, and many more. Details and exploration can be found in the Weapons section of the game. Each weapon is specially crafted when equipped, it will bring a powerful attack ability.

Skill books

In addition to the diverse weapon system used to fight. The game also provides many skill books to strengthen the hero. But it needs to be unlocked when the conditions are met. Accordingly, it can be mentioned as a book of magical power. Books improve movement speed, books increase defense and extend attack range. Reduces cooldown and generates scorching flames. There are many other skill books to be discovered in the game’s Tomes system.Game Heroes vs. Hordes- Survival MOD

Experiencing battles in Heroes vs. Hordes: Survival. There will be an opportunity to adventure through many different locations. Includes desert land, jungle, forgotten city and volcanic region. Each location is reproduced with different surroundings and landscapes. Along with that is the appearance of specific monsters in each region. For example, stone giants, beasts and terrifying creatures in the volcanic region. Or dry skeletons, green elves appear in the forest. There are many enemies in other areas to face after entering.

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Name ID Heroes vs Hordes
Updated On 21/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Moon Studios Inc.
Size 240MB
New version 1.49.0
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gems, God Mode
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Update 21/06/2024 (2 days ago )