Counter Knights 1.4.14 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Counter Knights 1.4.14 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

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Counter Knights 1.4.14 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Become a knight in the game Counter Knights. Following the action gameplay takes place in the battles in the arena. You will face fierce attacks from monsters. Use equipped weapons, combined with combat skills. From there perform offensive actions to destroy them all. Only when wiping out the enemy can victory and completion of the assigned task be achieved. This is an action role-playing game. The content revolves around a knight’s journey to discover the secrets of the universe. Rely on the game’s story to do level-based quests. With tough challenges taking place fierce battles await ahead. Need to survive the dangers to conquer.

Counter Knights MOD APK – The Adventure of the Knight Discovering the Secrets of the Universe

According to the information provided in the current version, many new features have been updated. The game has an Ecolite mine that allows knights to mine iron ore to collect and use in upgrading activities. Added new dungeons with bigger challenges to face. Accordingly, there will be the appearance of a boss with more fearsome power in chapter 7. Boss has a unique attack style and deals great damage. Finally, there is the inferno forge feature. Here you can use the equipment collected from the boss dropped after defeating. Or use unlocked items to forge. Craft high-attribute costumes and weapons to use, improving your ability to excel.Counter Knights MOD

Chapter missions divided into stages

The story of the game revolves around the adventure of the knight to uncover the secrets of the universe. Accordingly, there will be many different chapters taking place in different locations. Each chapter is divided into several stages with difficult challenges. At each stage unfold a journey against waves of attacks from monsters. Accordingly, you will fight with the knight against each wave of enemies. Destroy them with equipped weapons and use skills. Pass each wave of monsters in turn until wiping them all out. From there will win and complete the mission.Ear Counter Knights MOD

Boss fight

Continue your journey in new stages of a chapter. When you reach a certain level, the system will unlock the next chapter. But before that will have to face many fearsome enemies. At the same time, when it comes to a certain stage, you also have to fight the boss. Possesses strength that surpasses that of ordinary monsters. Make it difficult for the knight to defeat the boss. Accordingly, if you lose your life, the mission will fail. At this point, you will have to start the game again until you defeat the boss before you can continue to the new stage.Game Counter Knights MOD

Use equipment and skills

The progress of the battle against monsters in each stage of Counter Knights. Knights have to fight alone without support from anyone. Each wave attacks with a large number of armed enemies. They charged fiercely to approach with the aim of taking lives. Accordingly, use the ax in your hand to perform an attack that deals physical damage. Combine shields to defend against attacks from enemies. Even create a counterattack and cause them to lose health.

Besides, it is necessary to combine with skills to support combat, bringing better efficiency against waves of attacks from the enemy. For example, creating lightning strikes from the sky causes them to lose blood. Or using the dive skill, the knight will jump into the air and swing the ax at the specified target.Download Counter Knights MOD

Achievements and rewards

Achievements at each battle stage after completion are shown by the number of stars. Time-based play in the process of resisting attacks from monsters. Over a certain period of time, the number of stars will decrease accordingly. Accordingly, each star will receive different rewards. If you successfully complete the combat mission get up to 3 stars. From there will have a chance to get treasures of artifacts. Once unlocked, you can get a buff spell that can be used permanently. At the same time, good luck finding the secret of the universe.

Knights in the game Counter Knights possess different stats. Includes health, damage, attack speed, defense, counterattack, crit rate, and damage when using skills. Accordingly to increase the combat power of the knight in order to improve the stats. You can equip new weapons to enhance the attack stats. Also, find or craft new outfits with higher attributes. From there, improve defense stats and health to increase stamina.

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Name ID Counter Knights
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher 235Soft
Size 120MB
New version 1.4.14
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