Grand War: Rome Strategy Games 868 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems medal, free shopping]

Grand War: Rome Strategy Games 868 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems medal, free shopping]

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Grand War: Rome Strategy Games 868 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems medal, free shopping]

Return to the ancient war in the game Rome Empire War. You as a military commander are tasked with leading the army. Engage in wars with other great powers. The goal is to defeat their army to expand the territory. Regain the glory of the kingdom and develop the force. With turn-based gameplay between military forces. You will have to position and deploy the right strategy. At the same time, recruit different units of soldiers to strengthen the army. Besides, it is necessary to build a defense system to protect the barracks. Through a series of different units to be able to use. But it takes resources to unlock, as well as to recruit and build.

Rome Empire War MOD APK – Command the Army to Fight Other Kingdoms

Before entering the ancient war in Rome Empire War. You can choose from a number of different kingdoms. For example Rome, Epirus, Samnium, Carthage, and many more. From there select the army force under the flag of the kingdom to participate in the war. Depending on the country you choose, going through the matches will open a different history. Accordingly, it is possible to choose the path to go through the strategy of leading troops. For example, fighting for the rise of Rome with the goal of territorial expansion. Regain the kingdom’s glory with victorious battles. From there create an empire of its own and write up the story of history.Rome Empire War

Turn-based gameplay and rules

The setting of Rome Empire War opens in a large land. Your barracks are built on an empty territory. The task of recruiting units of soldiers and generals to lead them into battle. Move to other lands and invade the territories of countries. Follow the turn-based gameplay between your army forces and enemy troops face-to-face. In turn, groups of soldiers will attack each other. To be able to keep moving forward and move to the enemy barracks. Your army needs to defeat the enemy forces. On the contrary, your barracks will be in danger if the units cannot stop the enemy’s attack. Accordingly, it will be necessary to have a strategy to lead each unit to attack when it is their turn.

According to the playing mechanism, when it is your turn to move the position of the army units. The hexagonal map system is displayed. You can select a group of forces and teleport to other hexagons. From there change the strategy to attack more effectively.Game Rome Empire War

Missions with challenges

The mission system in Rome Empire War is very diverse. As a commander, you will have to lead the army through many different challenges. For example, destroy the enemy barracks, defend the target town, killing at least 3 enemy units. Furthermore, capture all towns, capture the target camp for 8 turns and kill at least 5 enemy units. There are many other challenges that will be opened after completion. Accordingly, each challenge corresponds to one star. The difficulty also increases every time a new mission is started.

A mission will have 3 challenges, corresponding to 3 stars. At the same time, it will be subject to the given conditions based on the number of attacks. Accordingly, each mission will limit the number of turns differently. To be able to successfully complete a task. It is necessary to complete 3 challenges out of the specified number of attacks.In Rome Empire War


At your barracks in Rome Empire War. Can recruit many different units of soldiers. Includes archers, cavalry, catapults, battleships, war elephants, and ballistas. There are many more units to be discovered when participating. Each unit has its own attack style. Can be arbitrarily changed according to many different strategies in ancient battles. You need to learn how each unit works in order to deploy the right strategy. For example catapults and archers with ranged attack capabilities. Suitable for trailing behind to support cavalry and leading war elephants.Download Rome Empire War

Generals are indispensable elements in the battle in Rome Empire War. Here there are many different generals for you to recruit. Includes Pyrrhus, Hannibal, Caesar, Scipio, Corvus,… and many more. Each champion is shaped in its own style. They were all designed after ancient warriors. The ability of each general is shown through leadership stats. Judging by percent with mixed, ranged, naval, mounted, and siege units. It can also unlock skills to increase leadership excellence.

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