Dynasty Blade 2 27.0.00 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Onehit, Immortal, Infinite skills]
Dynasty Blade 2 27.0.00 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Onehit, Immortal, Infinite skills]

Dynasty Blade 2 27.0.00 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Onehit, Immortal, Infinite skills]

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Do you want to participate in the medieval war? Test your skills in survival matches. Join the Dynasty Blade 2 game. The content is built based on the story of the Three Kingdoms period. With a combination of sharp and vivid graphics, along with MMORPG gameplay. Since then, a masterpiece of the role-playing game genre has been created. Accordingly, you will become one of the mighty generals of the Three Kingdoms period. Ready to perform various combat missions. Be adventured through a vast fantasy world. But at the same time will have to face many dangerous challenges. Fight the fearsome enemies to protect yourself. Will even have to compete with other generals when facing them on the battlefield.

Dynasty Blade 2 MOD APK – Adventure to Create a Position in the Three Kingdoms Period

Role-play as a general of the Three Kingdoms period in the game Dynasty Blade 2. Start the adventure to write your life. Accordingly, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Experience countless battles with enemies and army forces. To survive there would be no other choice but to fight. Only by defeating the enemy can you protect yourself. At the same time create a position to have a foothold in the Three Kingdoms period. A series of challenges will have to go through one after another. Perform specific tasks given. After completing will receive rewards to enhance abilities. At the same time open your own path through the adventure process.Download Dynasty Blade 2

3D graphics and immersive sound

It can be said that Dynasty Blade 2 is a masterpiece of the MMORPG genre. With sharp and very vivid 3D graphic design. Not only the environment is recreated in many different landscapes. The shape of the characters is also very impressively designed. To increase the experience during adventure, as well as combat. The publisher has combined with flexible character movement effects. Along with skill effects when used to attack. With the special moves of each general when performing.

Besides the graphics, the sound of the game is also simulated very vividly. From the activities that take place during the character’s adventure. For example, using skills, moving or fighting,… Everything will be changed according to each scene. Moreover, it also recreates the dialogue and voice of the champion.Dynasty Blade 2

Free mode by chapter

Come to Dynasty Blade 2 ‘s free mode. The mission system will take place according to each chapter. In each chapter there will be many different tasks to perform. Fight with enemy army forces. Confront enemy generals in fierce combat. Travel to other locations to meet the specified character. There are many other missions that will be opened one after another after completing each challenge. Over time, when you reach a certain stage, you will be entered into a new chapter. With the task system changing, diverse but also more difficult than before.Tai Dynasty Blade 2

1vs1 and 3vs3. arena modes

Get ready for battles in Dynasty Blade 2 ‘s arena mode. You can participate in a 1vs1 or 3vs3 match. Each match will open up its own gameplay and rules. Accordingly, in the 1vs1 war, they will compete with other generals to find the winner. Similarly, but in 3vs3 battles with the support of teammates. You and the other two generals will compete with the opposing team to sort out the winners and losers. In arena mode, the opponents are all real players. After winning many matches. You will have a chance to put your name on the leaderboard at the top. Since then, he has proven himself to be a talented general with excellent achievements. At the same time have the opportunity to open treasure chests to receive many valuable rewards.Game Dynasty Blade 2

Adventure in the Three Kingdoms period of the game Dynasty Blade 2. Can role-play into many different generals. Includes Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, Cao Cao and many more. Each character is shaped in its own impressive style. From their appearance to the costumes and weapons they use. At the same time, each general owns 3 fighting skills of his own. Shown through names like damage, control and ultimate. Each skill used will create outstanding attack power. Especially when using the ultimate, it will unleash its maximum power to deal great damage. Moreover, each champion can also change their appearance based on equipment such as weapons, costumes, rings and necklaces.

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Name ID Dynasty Blade 2: ROTK Infinity
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.0
Publisher EZfun
Size 95MB
New version 27.0.00
MOD Info Menu, Onehit, Immortal, Unlimited skills
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 months ago )