Earth Protect Squad 2.85.64 APK MOD [Unlock all [Characters, Assists, Abilities ,Grenades, Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Melee Weapons]
Earth Protect Squad 2.85.64 APK MOD [Unlock all [Characters, Assists, Abilities ,Grenades, Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Melee Weapons]

Earth Protect Squad 2.85.64 APK MOD [Unlock all [Characters, Assists, Abilities ,Grenades, Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Melee Weapons]

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Earth Protect Squad is an engaging first-person shooter action game. The game takes players into the battle against the invasion of alien forces that threaten the future of the Earth. In the game, players will join a team of special combat soldiers. This army is tasked with protecting the planet from the destruction and invasion of space enemies. With beautiful and detailed 3D graphics, Earth Protect Squad takes players into diverse environments, from contemporary cities to secret bases and desolate peripheral landscapes. Players will have the opportunity to use a variety of modern weapons. From rifles and ground troops to energy weapons. All towards Viet smashing waves of fearsome enemies.

Description about Earth Protect Squad MOD APK – Survival battle

In Earth Protect Squad, you will face invading forces and disasters threatening Earth’s existence. Players will take on the role of a mercenary. You must use exquisite shooting skills and intelligent tactics to survive in dangerous and challenging environments. In this war, you will have to participate in challenging missions. You will enter dangerous areas, destroy enemies, and rescue survivors. Consideration, quick reaction speed, and excellent fighting ability will determine your ability to survive in each mission. In confronting the enemy, you also have to face environmental factors. It can be bombs, fire, and basic incidents. You need to take advantage of the environment to create an impact against the enemy. Thereby increasing the ability to ensure your safety.

Diverse arsenal

Earth Protect Squad boasts a diverse and rich arsenal of weapons. They provide the best conditions to overcome the invading forces, from traditional guns to radical futuristic weapons. You will have many options to customize and create a perfect assassin squad. You can find various guns and weapons in the game’s arsenal, including rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, and even explosive weapons. Each weapon has its characteristics. Examples include strength, accuracy, rate of fire, and the ability to attack from a distance. Choosing and customizing weapons to suit your tactics and play style will determine the success of combat missions.

Power upgrading

Upgrading power is an essential factor to help you make your character stronger. As a result, you can be ready to face more difficult challenges. You can improve your character’s skills, special abilities, and abilities. Thereby increasing combat performance and ensuring success in missions. Power-ups include leveling up the character. Each time you level up, you will get skill points. You can use it to improve your character’s abilities. You can focus on different elements—attack power, endurance, shooting accuracy, and movement speed. In addition, you can also improve and customize the character’s unique abilities. These are special attacks, healing abilities, or special effects on enemies. All these activities create a dominant character that responds well to combat situations.

The difficulty is increasing

The game doesn’t just put you on challenging missions in the first place. It also gradually increases the difficulty and brings new challenges to challenge the players. The missions in the game are carefully designed with different difficulties, from dealing with many enemies to defending the land from attack or rescuing survivors. Each mission requires you to use tactics and brilliant fighting skills to achieve the goal. Interestingly, Earth Protect Squad doesn’t stop at the base difficulty level. The game regularly updates and adds new challenges. With that comes superior enemies and new features and elements. This provides constant stimulation as the player tries to overcome any incoming challenges.

The game is rated for an engaging storyline, high-quality graphics, and engaging gameplay. Earth Protect Squad gives players a non-stop FPS shooting experience. You will become the last warriors standing forward to protect the Earth. It is you who frustrates the enemy’s devastating plot. Let’s fight together with MODLMH to regain peace for humanity.

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Name ID Earth Protect Squad
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Kisunja - Free Shooting Games
Size 99MB
New version 2.85.64
MOD Info Unlock all (Character, Assist, Abilities, Grenades, Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Melee Weapon)
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )