Flight Sim 2018 3.2.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Flight Sim 2018 3.2.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Flight Sim 2018 3.2.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Released in 2018. Flight Sim 2018 provides a very realistic journey. Accordingly, you will be becoming a pilot. Airplane operation missions to various airport locations. Through the work that needs to be done from the start of departure, to the end. Everything has to be done on its own to conquer every challenge. At the same time enjoy the attractive gameplay during the control process. With detailed display features and parameters. Helps you monitor the operation of the aircraft. Moreover, be inspired by real-life about the job a pilot needs to perform. But has been optimized and removed the complexity compared to reality. Promises to bring a very attractive flight journey.

Flight Sim 2018 MOD APK – Become a Pilot To Operate Airplanes

Flight Sim 2018 opens a large map. From role-playing as a pilot to operating the plane. Make flights over many different locations. Following that will be exploring the open world. Have the opportunity to know many different airports in the world. At the same time enjoy the realism of environmental conditions. The change between day and night will bring a realistic flying journey. Combining dynamic weather systems such as sunshine, rain, storm, and fresh. From there, it adds more realism to the flights in the vast sky. Let you enjoy the feeling of flying as a pilot.Flight Sim 2018

Influence of the environment and weather

In addition to diverse environmental and weather conditions, Flight Sim 2018 is recreated. There will be notes to be aware of because they affect the flight process. For example in night environment conditions, along with stormy weather. This will challenge the skill of a pilot when operating. Although lights are used for observation, visibility is still limited. It needs to be combined with radar to be able to steer the aircraft in the correct direction of the specified air route. On the contrary, in beautiful environmental conditions and taking place during the day. Can be observed from a distance and the aircraft is not affected by weather conditions. Make it easier for you to operate to follow the route shown on the radar.Game Flight Sim 2018

Make the flight

A flight in Flight Sim 2018 will be divided into several stages. Starting from controlling the plane from the airport to the runway. Then perform a series of maneuvers to accelerate to take off. Once in the sky, you will have to follow the specified route, which is displayed on the radar. When reaching the destination, the landing operation will continue. Use features and combinations flexibly and precisely. Successfully landed safely on the roadway at another airport. From there will complete the task and get the reward. Otherwise, if it is not possible to land safely or deviate from the runway. Or during the flight, there was a serious accident. At that time, it will mean that the task fails, and the work must be done again.Tai Flight Sim 2018

Control system

The game Flight Sim 2018 simulates the basic control system of an aircraft. Including the need to increase and decrease the altitude of the aircraft, and lights in dark environment conditions. Tires are used when landing and braking to slow down on the runway. Along with the arrows used to navigate when operating. They are all displayed as featured icons. Besides, the center of the screen shows a miniature rader. Used to track flight routes, current locations, and destinations. At the same time around displays various parameters. For example flying altitude, distance to the ground, and speed.

Unlock many planes

Learn about the flight system of the Flight Sim 2018 game. With so many different types on offer. They are designed with their own unique style and performance. That difference is reflected in many factors. From color, the number of seats, weight, range, and top speed are achieved. However, to be able to operate a new aircraft. Requires players to use the money to buy. Through previously completed flights. At that time, a large amount of gold and currency will be accumulated. Depending on the aircraft type, use the money earned to unlock. Then you will be able to operate a new plane to enjoy more excitement.Download Flight Sim 2018

Modified MOD information of Flight Sim 2018

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • all planes unlocked

In addition to using money to unlock the flight system of Flight Sim 2018. After owning a plane that you love. Parameters can be upgraded to increase abilities. For example, upgrade the speed to be able to operate at a higher speed. Quickly fly to the destination stop. Or increase the number of seats to accommodate more passengers than before. After completing the task will receive a larger amount. There are some other upgrades that will bring better efficiency during operation.

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Name ID Flight Sim 2018
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Size 39MB
New version 3.2.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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