Fun Race 3D {{version}} APK MOD (Unlocked Skins)
Fun Race 3D {{version}} APK MOD (Unlocked Skins)

Fun Race 3D 201032 APK MOD (Unlocked Skins)

By The Toan - 20/02/2024 (1 week ago) - 64MB
Name Fun Race 3D
Updated On 20/02/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Good Job Games
Size 64MB
Version 201032
MOD Features Unlocked Skins
Genre ,
Update 20/02/2024 (1 week ago )

Enjoy unique races in Fun Race 3D. With a combination of parkour styles. Promises to bring you a challenging experience. But at the same time is interesting gameplay when participating. The content of the game revolves around the competition between stickman characters. Through the race classify winners and losers and demonstrate skills. Accordingly, you will accompany a stickman character to start the journey. Try to overcome the obstacles. From performing parkour actions to reaching the finish line. Win against other opponents with the lead. Then there will be a chance to receive valuable rewards. Moreover, you can unlock new features to increase the experience.

Download Fun Race 3D – Run Parkour Style To Overcome Obstacles

The content of Fun Race 3D revolves around obstacle missions. Along with the race between stickman athletes on the road. They compete with each other to find the ultimate winner. By reaching the finish line with the lead to complete the mission. As the gameplay progresses, you will have to overcome obstacles that hinder and move forward. By performing parkour actions to conquer. The goal is to run to the finish line first to win over other runners. Based on the achievement achieved, along with the difficulty of the mission. From there will receive bonuses, including gold coins. The amount of money will constantly increase more and more later.Fun Race 3D

Hundreds of levels and quests get harder and harder

The race of the game Fun Race 3D is very interesting. To bring new experiences to each race. With uniqueness and difference between missions. The challenge will be recreated in hundreds of levels. Through that will open interesting races. You will have to perform parkour action to overcome the obstacles. At the same time, do not let the opponent pass to win.

After reaching the finish line with the lead in a level. Will complete the mission to continue the race in the new challenge. The difficulty will increase to bring new challenges. At the same time, there will be many changing factors, making your journey even more difficult. For example, the obstacles will be changed. Their mechanism of action is more complex, which discourages athletes. It is difficult to run forward to reach the destination. In particular, the race from the starting line to the final destination is also longer.Game Fun Race 3D

Various kinds of obstacles

From the races in Fun Race 3D. Stickman athletes will have to overcome a lot of different obstacles. Cling to a fixture to walk the wall, with boxing fists attacking in one motion. Swing and slide through the gap below. Run away from the long rods mounted on the auto-spindle. Go through the circles with a space in the middle. Slide the slide to glide to the road ahead. Sticks grow from the ground in a certain cycle. Or climb the stairs to get over the high wall. More obstacles will be discovered after new levels.Tai Fun Race 3D

Beware of collisions

During the race at Fun Race 3D. Perform parkour actions to overcome obstacles. In addition, be careful about colliding with them. Then return to the starting line to start again. This will create an opportunity for the opponent to pass or go far on the road. However, the running speed of each athlete will be the same. Therefore, you will not be able to accelerate to chase. But the chance to win is still possible. It is the opponents that are prevented by obstacles. At the same time, you take advantage of each opportunity to quickly pass.

Unlock more athletes

Various athletes are provided by Fun Race 3D. Typical as Spider-Man, Lightning Hero, Captain America, Athletics, Superman,… and many more. Each character is an athlete, designed in stickman style. With a unique shape, shown through the outfit. However to be able to unlock a new athlete. Will have to meet the given eligibility of each character. It is to use the accumulated money to buy.Download Fun Race 3D

Gold coins and purple stones are the two main currencies of Fun Race 3D. Each type is used for different trading activities. From level racing to completing missions. Then will receive gold coins, and over time will accumulate a large amount. You can use it to unlock new characters. Besides, purple stone belongs to the more advanced type. Used to unlock obstacles. Unlock each new obstacle in turn. From there will create a race track in your own style.