Hunting Clash MOD APK 3.24.0 (Menu, Unlimited money gems gold, free shopping)
Hunting Clash MOD APK 3.24.0 (Menu, Unlimited money gems gold, free shopping)

Hunting Clash MOD APK 3.24.0 (Menu, Unlimited money gems gold, free shopping)

By HN - 23/09/2023
Name Hunting Clash
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Ten Square Games
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gems gold, free shopping
Size 166MB
Version 3.24.0
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Security By LMHMOD
Update 23/09/2023 (6 days ago )

Do you want to enjoy the feeling of being a hunter? Come to Hunting Clash to start the adventure in the jungles. Use weapons in your hand to hunt animals and animals. Prove your achievements by hunting animals and completing quests. This game is built in the style of shooting action. Role-play as a hunter to take on different challenges. At the same time have the opportunity to compete with other competitors. Through the many exciting game modes offered. Besides the combination of 3D graphics. With sharp picture quality and vivid sound effects. More specifically, the control mechanism is intuitive and uses a first-person perspective. From there, bring a fascinating hunting experience.

Download Hunting Clash – Hunting Animals and Animals in First Person 

In the first person, perspective participates in the hunt. According to the mechanics of the game, the angle of view is simulated through the viewfinder of a sniper rifle. You need to touch to adjust the angle, to hit the animals in the forest. After identifying the target, need to touch the bullet icon to open the gun. Besides, there will be the system automatically assigns the weakest point of each animal. From there help you know where to shoot, to kill them with just a single bullet. By a combination of the game’s control mechanism and your skills. Using it flexibly and accurately will successfully hunt animals.Hunting Clash

Explore many places 

Hunting Clash s open in many different areas. Including the Montana forest, the cold forest of Kamchatka, and the wild land of Africa. There are many other hunting locations that you will unlock in turn after completing the required conditions. Each location opens many different challenges. At the same time, the surrounding environment is simulated extremely vividly. For example, the forest of Montana has been beautifully recreated. With many animals living and feeding on the lawns next to the lake. Or the cold snowy area will have the opportunity to hunt animals that are able to live in harsh conditions.Game Hunting Clash

Missions according to many specific challenges 

Hunting Clash ‘s mission system by location. In each location, there will be specific hunting challenges. For example successfully hunting a deer, a gray wolf. Or hunt some specified beast at a required location. Use 15 times the weight strength. Hunt any animal worth 6 stars or more. Successfully hunting a wolf is worth 5 stars. Even have to search to hunt animals from 10 stars. There are many other tasks that you will learn when participating in the game. After completing a task will be rewarded.

Difficulty increases and rewards are received 

Keep coming up with new challenges, the difficulty will increase with changing conditions. Might have to hunt animals in larger numbers. At the same time, they don’t just stand still to give you time to aim. Instead, it will move, making it difficult to determine the position to fire. In addition, there is also a need to search for rare animals.

Depending on each challenge and achievement achieved in each mission. After completing will receive many different rewards. Examples are weight strength, luck, dice, shot stability, and exp. Each type of reward will be received in different amounts. Accordingly, experience points will help you accumulate to increase to a new level when you meet the conditions.Tai Hunting Clash

1vs1 and club competition mode 

Don’t just hunt alone in Hunting Clash. You can compete with other hunters in a 1vs1 hunt. Compete with them on hunting skills to find the person who can complete the task the fastest. Here, after winning against opponents in the hunt. You will have the opportunity to rise to the ranking of the best hunters. From there, valuable trophies will be obtained. It is also possible to join the club. Compete with members to find the best in the club. It is also possible to interact with people, with them sharing experiences and items earned.Download Hunting Clash

MOD Feature of Hunting Clash

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited gold
  • free shopping

Guns are not the only weapons used in Hunting Clash. This is just a common weapon used by many players. If you are a traditional hunter, you can use a bow. Hunt animals in locations with your own abilities. Shoot arrows to hunt different animals and collect many attractive rewards. Depending on your playstyle, choose to use your favorite weapon. Each type can be upgraded in different ways. Thereby improving the ability to hunt more effectively.

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