Totally Reliable Delivery Service 1.4121 APK MOD [Unlocked All]

Totally Reliable Delivery Service 1.4121 APK MOD [Unlocked All]

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service 1.4121 APK MOD [Unlocked All]

Do you want to experience the feeling of a delivery man? Can come with a Totally Reliable Delivery Service game. This is a delivery service simulation game. Your task is to deliver orders to different locations. From there, complete the work to receive bonuses, and have the opportunity to receive more equipment. The content of this game is played out in the style of a ragdoll. Incorporates fun gameplay in the open world. Set in a large city. Get a chance to explore various locations through delivery missions. Even more special when played in three modes. Includes online multiplayer, single-player, and competitive play against opponents. At the same time will enjoy bright animated 3D graphics.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK – Become a Delivery Man to Different Locations

Become a delivery man in Totally Reliable Delivery Service. Before starting to perform the tasks. You can customize your character’s appearance and appearance. Through the various customizations available. With many choices on the parts of the character. Including hairstyle, eye color, glasses, face, skin color, clothes, and shoes. Based on your design choose from different customizations. From there, you can create the character in the desired style. Then will start the mission with a series of packages that need to be transported. Over time, you can continue to change your character’s appearance. The equipment is rewarded for some completed jobs.Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Big city

In the vast city of Totally Reliable Delivery Service. There are many different locations you need to ship your goods to. By moving on wide roads through high-rise buildings. Go up the bridge over the river. Or go through small alleys to get to a specific delivery location. Follow the open gameplay combined with ragdoll physics elements. You can move freely and have an unlimited range. Along with the fun from the actions of the character during the delivery.

According to the physical ragdoll mechanism, there will be accidents in collisions. Or a package that is too heavy will make it difficult for employees to lift. Moreover will be driving different vehicles to transport at a faster speed. But if you collide with obstacles on the road, the car will overturn.Game Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Control mechanism

Based on the control mechanism of the game Totally Reliable Delivery Service. Delivery staff can perform different actions. Through the icons displayed separately. Raise your left and right hands to lift objects. Use your left and right hands to interact with different objects. With a flexible combination, it will help employees to lift orders of different weights and sizes. At the same time, you can also jump up, and fall face down on the road. In addition, you will use circular virtual navigation to move employees.

The delivery process can also express emotions in the form of icons. Through the feature of emotions expressed in the form of symbols. It is also possible to change the camera angle and view a detailed map of the city.Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Game es

As introduced at the beginning of Totally Reliable Delivery Service. There are 3 game modes for you to participate in. Includes single-player, solo, and multiplayer modes. Each mode is designed in its own way. But still revolves around transporting goods to locations.

  • Single-player mode: Do the task alone and do not have to follow any rules.
  • Solo mode: Compete with other delivery workers to see who gets the job done first.
  • Multiplayer mode: With the participation of up to 4 delivery staff. All are online players from all over the world. Can work together and support delivery to quickly complete the task.

Multiple means of delivery

On the streets of Totally Reliable Delivery Service , there are many different vehicles. They are all free to use for shipping. Helps to move faster, thereby shortening delivery time. Each vehicle is designed in its own style. The difference between them is not only in shape. It is also expressed through the convenience of transporting goods. For example, a vehicle with a container with a high and wide jack. That will help employees carry a lot of goods and hardly fall after collisions.Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service

To receive packages in Totally Reliable Delivery Service. You need to move to the cargo tree. They appear at various locations on the street. Use your hands to interact, and activate the trigger to make the row in the container fall. Then will pick them up and start the quest. After delivery to the customer or to the required location. Then will complete the work and receive the reward. Moreover, there is a chance to receive new skins to change the look.

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Name ID Totally Reliable Delivery Service
Updated On 13/12/2022
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher tinyBuild
Size 52MB
New version 1.4121
MOD Info Unlocked All
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