K-POP Idol Producer 2.08 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money stars, unlock all characters]

K-POP Idol Producer 2.08 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money stars, unlock all characters]

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K-POP Idol Producer 2.08 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money stars, unlock all characters]

K-POP Idol Producer is a creative management simulation game. The game takes you into the vibrant world of the Korean music industry. In this game, you will become a music producer. You are responsible for creating and training talented K-POP idols from scratch. From selecting contestants, training skills, creating music, arranging events, and preparing for live performances. Players will have to show their management ability and talent. Through it, bring your group to the top of fame and popularity in the K-POP world. The game features vivid graphics, vibrant music, and quality gameplay mechanics. K-POP Idol Producer gives you the challenging experience of being an excellent music producer.

K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK – Group producer

In K-POP Idol Producer, the player takes on the producer role. You are responsible for selecting talented trainees, guiding them to develop their skills, and ultimately creating an excellent group. The environment in the game is created with sharp, modern, and bright graphics. This reflects the reality of the K-POP music industry. Practice room, recording studio, meeting room, and performance stage. All are designed in detail to ensure players have an experience similar to participating in making an honest musical group. You will be faced with important decisions. It is necessary to thoroughly evaluate the talents and abilities of each intern in different aspects. Examples include singing, dancing, acting, and personalization. In addition, players can also train and develop so that they become excellent and ready for the big stage. You also have to manage finances, advertising deals, and schedule management. Decisions are made towards the goal of creating a successful group.

Attract and train stars

Star attraction starts with selecting from a small number of potential trainees. Players must carefully consider the abilities and potential of each intern. Each individual has their own story. With that comes a unique personality and burning ambition to become a K-POP star. After attracting players, we will begin the process of training and developing them. The game offers practical courses and activities to improve the interns’ skills, from vocal training and learning beautiful dance steps to improving your acting on stage and in front of the camera. Players can also shape the style and personalize each trainee. Every decision affects their success in the future. With K-POP Idol Producer, players must consider carefully. It must be ensured that the trainees are developed comprehensively and in line with the group’s direction.

Character customization

Players can start by choosing the gender of their character. Then, go further with customizing the look from hairstyle, skin color, eyes, nose, and mouth to clothes. Players can create the appearance they want in K-POP Idol Producer. The diverse options system helps create characters with many different personalities and styles. They are not just limited to looks. You can also customize other personalization features. Examples include personality, interests, and developmental history. This can affect how the character reacts to game situations and how they interact with teammates and fans. Even their career growth. Another big part of customization is the ability to change the character’s musical and performance style. Players can choose from a variety of music genres. Such as pop, hip-hop, ballads, and many other genres.

Join the shows

This is an opportunity for players to simultaneously show their talents and efforts, attracting fans and building the group’s name. Each performance is organized with careful preparation, from choosing the song and arranging the choreography to the script for the performance. Players can participate in this process. You will make important decisions to ensure that everything goes smoothly and impressively. Before each performance, players will need to choose a song to perform. This may be based on the preferences of the band members: current music trends or preparations for special events. The player can then create choreography for the performance to express creativity.

K-POP Idol Producer has created an engaging virtual environment for players. It’s a journey of creating and managing K-POP idols. Sharp graphics and unique character designs clearly show the identity of the K-POP world. Whether you are a fan of K-POP or simply a lover of management and music genres, K-POP Idol Producer will surely bring you an exciting and challenging experience. Let’s build a famous group with MODLMH your way.

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Name ID K-POP Idol Producer
Updated On 15/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Buildup Studio
Size 40MB
New version 2.08
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money stars, unlock all characters
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