Truck Simulator USA 9.9.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money Gold, Unlocked Cars]

Truck Simulator USA 9.9.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money Gold, Unlocked Cars]

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Truck Simulator USA 9.9.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money Gold, Unlocked Cars]

Truck Simulator USA is a truck-driving game designed with realistic gameplay mechanics. Role-play as a driver to control moving vehicles. Simultaneously perform various tasks revolving around delivery operations. The goal of transporting goods of all kinds to the required locations. From there earn bonuses to use to develop your career. This game belongs to the offline game genre with many outstanding features. Under this, you can drive various truck models that are simulated realistically. Along with that are the types of goods rented by companies and businesses. The process of transporting goods will help you feel the authenticity of the real environment. Weather conditions and landscapes are reproduced vividly.

Download Truck Simulator USA MOD APK – Drive a Truck to Transport Goods Across Countries on the American Continent

The game’s setting opens in the vast American continent. With different countries like USA, Canada, and Mexico. Each country is divided into many maps with different lengths. The difference is also reflected in the surrounding landscape in each location. Expressed through many locations such as cities, deserts, hilly areas, and cold snowy areas. Along with that, environmental and weather conditions are changed in real-time. For example, driving on American city roads at night. Along with stormy weather conditions, visibility is affected when driving. Or go through the long highways across Canada. With environmental conditions during the day and clear weather.Truck Simulator USA MOD

Detailed simulation control system

Based on the control system of a real truck. Here the publisher simulates in detail the operating features of the car. They are represented by specific icons with their own features. The virtual steering wheel is used to navigate by touching and rotating. Until the brake and accelerator pedals, touch and hold to increase and decrease the speed of the vehicle on the road. Besides, the control gearbox can choose an automatic clutch system or a manual gear lever. To increase the player’s experience during driving. The system also integrates a minimap with routes. Along with information about travel speed, fuel, and driving time.Game Truck Simulator USA MOD

The gameplay takes place while performing the mission

Become a truck driver in the game Truck Simulator USA. You will proceed to work with one of your trucks. Follow the directions to proceed to the pickup location. Then drive precisely to connect with the container to start shipping. Follow the directions shown on the minimap to the final destination. That process needs to comply with the traffic rules in each location. At the same time, drive carefully so as not to collide with other traffic. After driving the truck to the designated location, it is necessary to park exactly at the requested spot. From there will complete the work and receive the corresponding reward.Tai Truck Simulator USA MOD

Many truck models with outstanding performance

There are different trucks provided by the system. They are all models designed based on real-life prototypes. Especially all are produced by leading brands with different designs. Shown through the American style head. Or tractor trucks designed in the form of China. Along with that, the performance of each truck will not be the same. The difference between them is evaluated in detail through the technical parameters. From travel speed, torque Nm, fuel tank, and load. But it should be noted, to own each truck will have to pay a fee. Through the money earned, you can accumulate to buy your favorite car.Download Truck Simulator USA MOD

Coming to the game Truck Simulator USA you can choose one of two different modes. Accordingly, it is possible to drive the cargo truck alone and explore the locations freely. Simultaneously earn money from trips and successfully deliver goods to the required destination. Through offline mode to play for free. Besides can participate in online multiplayer mode. Here will have the opportunity to meet other truck drivers on the road. They are all real players and drive different trucks.

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Name ID Truck Simulator USA
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1+
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Size 27MB
New version 9.9.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money Gold, Unlocked Cars
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