KO Punch 1.1.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Energy]

KO Punch 1.1.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Energy]

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KO Punch 1.1.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Energy]

Have you ever watched boxing matches? Moreover, do you want to become a boxer to compete? Come to the action fighting game KO Punch. This is a game inspired by real-life boxing sport. Open matches according to real rules on the platform. With competition between two boxers to classify winners and losers. Through the execution of bold boxing blows. More specifically, the opponent in the match is an online player. They are boxers from many parts of the world. Accordingly, the ultimate goal of any boxer when participating in a competition. Everyone wants to be a champion, you are no exception. Let’s start the journey to becoming a professional boxer.

KO Punch MOD APK – Fighting Competition Between Boxers

Get ready to join the boxing match in KO Punch. Compete with online opponents on a 1vs1 mechanism. Use boxing attacks to attack. Perform straight punches, hook punches, and horizontal punches to deal damage to the opponent. Simultaneously combine flexibly to create dangerous attacks. There is a high degree of danger to inflict on the opponent and reduce health. Each match can be played up to 3 rounds, but can end with only 2 rounds. However, the condition is that you must win consecutively in the first 2 rounds. Word will end the match and get the bonus.KO Punch

Real-time gameplay and achievements

The game KO Punch uses real-time gameplay. In each round of a match in the ring. The maximum duration of 30 seconds counts down to 0. The two fighters will attack each other with their signature attacks. After the time is over, it will continue to the next round. Repeat this until the winner is found.

Achievements will be based on different parameters. The system lists in detail each action of the two boxers during the competition. For example, the number of punches and hits to attack, hit accuracy rate, number of dodges, and defense. The above factors will be evaluated with a specific score. If in each round it is not possible to find a fighter to win. Based on that achievement score classify winners and losers.Game KO Punch

Game mechanics

KO Punch ‘s competition mechanism is quite simple. Optimized to remove complex elements. Accordingly, you only need to touch to perform different actions. Help boxers attack, defend, and dodge accurately. This will increase the win rate higher during game time. At first, when entering the first match, the system will guide you in detail. Each attack operation with boxing-specific attacks will be instructed. Helps you quickly get used to the control mechanism. Get ready for the upcoming matches.Tai KO Punch

Competition skills

Constantly improve skills to be effective in attacking opponents in KO Punch. Through incorporating your flexibility during competition. At the same time, change the attack style to make it difficult for the opponent to dodge. Combine observing the opponent’s movements. From there, make accurate judgments and take appropriate actions. In order to limit the amount of blood lost, as well as to attack more accurately. Then you can beat your opponent to win.

Boxing gloves and pants

A boxer equipped with boxing gloves and signature pants. Accordingly, you can change the appearance of the boxer. Through the equipment provided by KO Punch. Each type of glove and pants has many different options. The difference between them is reflected in the color and print pattern. Moreover, there are different indicators. Help boxers can increase attack power on opponents. Deals more damage with each accurate hit. At the same time, it also increases defense and health to withstand many attacks from the opponent.Download KO Punch

Based on the achievements during the boxing matches at KO Punch. Through the stats to prove your skills. At the same time winning will receive a bonus. Can be accumulated to use in trading activities. Accordingly, money can buy new gloves and pants to equip the character. Help boxers change their appearance and look more impressive. But it should be noted, depending on the achievements in each match. You will get different amounts of bonuses.

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Name ID KO Punch
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Action.io
Size 70MB
New version 1.1.1
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Money, Energy
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