Garfield Food Truck 1.23.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Network]
Garfield Food Truck 1.23.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Network]

Garfield Food Truck 1.23.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Network]

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Get ready for an adventure in Garfield Food Truck. The content revolves around the character Jon Arbuckle, the cat Garfield and the dog Odie. Follow the game’s story to do match-3 puzzle missions. With an endless passion for food. The character Jon took his pet on a trip across the country. Simultaneously cook the most delicious dishes through different recipes. Based on that you will accompany the characters in an exciting puzzle adventure. But there are also tough challenges to overcome. Through it performs the task of cooking out sandwiches, cakes, and drinks. At the same time discover new lands with typical dishes of each region.

Garfield Food Truck MOD APK – With Match-3 Puzzle Characters To Create Food

Similar to other match-3 puzzle games on the market. As the puzzle gameplay progresses, you will have to move the processing materials to create a minimum combination of 3 or more of the same type. During the puzzle, the ingredients are displayed on a board and divided into small squares. They are lined up with each other, needing to be moved to create a horizontal or vertical combination. After solving the puzzle, the location of the merged materials will disappear. Immediately after that, the processed ingredients will float from the top to fill. From there continue the puzzle with the goal of completing the mission. Successfully made delicious dishes.Garfield Food Truck MOD

Quests by game level

The adventures of the characters will be played out at each level. At each level opens a match-3 puzzle quest. Accordingly, the system will make specific requirements for collecting enough ingredients to process the dish. According to the rules of the game, each level will limit the number of puzzles. You need to accumulate enough required materials through the puzzles. Also, make sure to complete it before you run out of turns. From there, you can complete a task at a level and receive a reward. Then will continue the journey to the next level with the increased challenge.

The materials used in the game to make dishes are very diverse. Includes avocado, pork, cheese, pizza slice, fried egg and more. But be aware, in each level there may not be all the materials. Depending on each level with the required cakes to complete, there will be different materials to solve the puzzle.Game Garfield Food Truck MOD

Difficulty increases when reaching new levels

Go on an adventure through other countries in the game Garfield Food Truck. Coming to the new level, the task will be more difficult than before. Accordingly, there will be many factors that change, from the amount of materials that need to be collected each type will increase larger than before. Until the kind of materials to collect in a level will be more. Besides, the appearance of the material appears discrete. Makes it very difficult for you to create a minimum merge of 3 or more types. More specifically, after coming to new levels, there is also the appearance of obstacles. They will make it impossible for you to move the material to merge.Tai Garfield Food Truck MOD

Use special materials

The process of performing puzzle tasks in the game. You can use special materials to create combos. In addition, there are assistive devices to solve puzzles when getting stuck. Accordingly, special materials are created after solving the puzzle. By combining 4, 5, or 6 or more materials in one turn. Depending on the number of materials combined, the corresponding special material will be created. You can then merge them with materials of the same type. From there will create combos like big explosions or collect an entire type of material displayed on the board.Download Garfield Food Truck MOD

A number of different materials and devices can be named here. Examples include multi-colored orbs, horizontal and vertical boosters, bombs and more. Each type after use will create a combo in its own way. For example, the multicolored sphere is combined with the avocado. Immediately after that will create lightning to collect all the avocados that appear on the board. Or the bomb after merging with two materials of the same type. From there will create an explosion with a wide area, allowing you to collect many types of materials at the same time. There are many other support equipment and special materials that you will discover after participating in the game.

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Name ID Garfield Food Truck
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Promineo Studios S.L.
Size 86MB
New version 1.23.1
MOD Info Unlimited Coins, Network
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