Grand Theft Auto 3 1.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Grand Theft Auto 3 1.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Grand Theft Auto 3 1.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Grand Theft Auto 3 opens a story of escape in Liberty City. The story revolves around a criminal who is rescued by terrorists in the process of being escorted. Lucky escaped from the police force and has a new life. Constantly looking for a way to escape from the wanted of the police. A challenging life with dangers awaits. Requiring your skills to overcome difficulties, and do everything to survive as long as possible. This game is a game in the adventure category, combining action elements. Built to celebrate 10 years of GTA games already on the market. With a mobile-specific design. Especially to be played in completely free offline mode.

Description about Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK – Adventure in the Vast Liberty City

The setting of Grand Theft Auto 3 opens in the vast Liberty city. With the design of the real traffic system. Expressed through constructions such as houses, high-rise buildings, and shops. This is a city with many inhabitants. Along with the traffic and parking on the roads. According to the open gameplay, you can freely explore every corner and alley in the street. Move freely to locations and unlimited exploration. But in parallel with that will have to perform different tasks. To earn money to unlock new equipment. Help yourself to change and survive the wanted.Grand Theft Auto III

Intuitive control mechanism

The control system of Grand Theft Auto 3 will be based on the character’s activities. Normally will use a joystick control mechanism to move. Combine with symbols such as punch, and kick and use weapons to attack. However, when driving the vehicle, the control mechanism will switch to the driving system. Use left and right arrows to navigate. Combine with brake and throttle icons to increase and decrease speed. At the same time, you can use a gun to shoot while driving and use a horn to warn. Or open the door to get off the car and change into the character form. Through appropriately reimagined icons.

Based on the above two mechanisms to perform the task. During the game, you just need to flexibly combine virtual control keys in any mechanism. From there will control the character to perform the desired actions.Game Grand Theft Auto III

Freedom to perform actions

Become a fugitive in the Liberty city of Grand Theft Auto 3. Following the real-time gameplay will have to perform a lot of different tasks. The goal is to survive as long as possible against the dangers that are always lurking. Move to designated locations to take action. Robbing casinos, attacking other criminals. Break into the police headquarters, and run away from the pursuing police force. Or participate in street racing. There are many other activities that can be done. From there will have the opportunity to earn bonuses to accumulate and use trading.Tai Grand Theft Auto III

Move to a specified point

The mission system of Grand Theft Auto 3 will be given specifically. Accordingly, you will have to move through the streets. Target to the specified position displayed through the point of light. In the process, to know where to go. You can view the map in miniature or enlarged to see the details of the route to go. After reaching the specified point, the system will give a specific job. For example, take another passenger to the destination they requested. Or rescue people who are being bullied by criminals. Completing a job will receive the corresponding amount of money.

Many vehicles

Grand Theft Auto 3 ‘s city adventure. Can drive a variety of vehicles. From cars robbed of people on the street. To super sports cars, and classic cars bought in the game store. Each vehicle has its own unique design. Using them not only helps you move faster. Shorten the time to the specified location. It also increases defense, protecting yourself against attacks from enemies.Download Grand Theft Auto III

Besides the vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 3. Weapons are indispensable equipment. Accordingly, the game offers a diverse weapon system. Includes many different types of guns for you to use. For example pistols, long guns, rifles, sniper rifles, and many more. You can also use knives for melee attacks. Each weapon will bring a unique advantage in each situation. To be able to own them, you need to use money, which you can buy in the game store.

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Name ID Grand Theft Auto 3
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Rockstar Games
Size 12MB
New version 1.9
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )