Hair Challenge 27.0.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gems]

Hair Challenge 27.0.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gems]

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Hair Challenge 27.0.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gems]

Hair Challenge is a hair runner game. Completely free to play in offline mode. When participating, you will accompany a runner on the runway. Move forward to increase the length of the hair. Simultaneously aim for the destination and create the longest hair, from which the mission can be completed. Follow the obstacle course adventure used in the game. A lot of sharp objects on the runway will cut off the runner’s hair. You need to combine many skills to ensure the length of the hair is not shortened. Because this is the deciding factor for your results. Even more interesting, when participating will enjoy vivid graphics. With a bright image design, it will bring a better view.

Hair Challenge MOD APK – Collect Hair On The Runway To Increase Length

Enjoy the fun gameplay in Hair Challenge. Revolving around the journey of a female runner to increase hair length. Through the long runway to collect the hair. From there will increase the length dimension to reach the destination. Step through the cheers of spectators on both sides of the runway. Also, do your own thing to show off your gorgeous long hair. The performance of the runner-up will be evaluated through an ascending scale. The number of points achieved will correspond to the length of the hair. Accordingly, you will receive attractive rewards, including valuable gems. Help you to accumulate to use in trading activities.Hair Challenge

Level-based quests, increasing challenge

Do you want to challenge yourself on the runway? Increase the length of a female runner’s hair. From there, you will have to perform tasks according to each level of the Hair Challenge. Each level of participation will offer a unique experience on the runway. With many different activities to perform. Overcome the obstacles, collect the hairs and reach the finish line. The goal is to complete the task excellently and get a high score. According to the rules of the game, only winning can enter the next level.

The difficulty will increase after each start of a new journey. The runner will face more difficulties on the runway. To reach the finish line will have to overcome obstacles with more numbers than before. Longer distances will take more time to complete. At the same time, there are many sharp pitfalls with complex operating mechanisms. This causes the runner’s hair to be completely cut off if moved incorrectly.Game Hair Challenge

Collect lots of hair samples

On the runway in the runner’s journey at Hair Challenge. There are many different hairstyles for you to choose from. The difference between them is shown by color. Including red, yellow, pink, blue, purple,… and some other hair models. They appear scattered along the runway for you to collect. As soon as the selection will make the runner’s hair color change. At the same time, the length is also increased, making the hair longer.Tai Hair Challenge

Many sharp obstacles

As introduced about the difficulty that the runner will face in Hair Challenge. It is the appearance of sharp obstacles. Examples are saw blades that rotate automatically in one position, shears, blades, and others. They appear randomly on the runway and move horizontally. When touched, the runner’s hair will be cut off to reduce the length of the achieved hair. This will make the achievement after finishing will not high. If you want to receive a large number of gems, you will need your skills. Observe the movement of the obstacle ahead. Stop as needed and quickly move over to keep the runner’s hair intact.

Graphics and sound

Promising to bring an adventure experience on the runway when participating in Hair Challenge. The publisher has used bright graphics. With vivid image quality to recreate the surroundings in the runner’s journey. Especially the long hair with the design of diverse dyed hair colors. Moreover, it will create a smooth motion effect from the hair when gliding behind. Besides, the shape of the obstacles and pitfalls on the road is very unique. They are designed to be varied and have moved to add interest.Download Hair Challenge

In addition to the graphics of the game Hair Challenge. The sound is also designed to be lively. Use cool soundtracks on the runway. Shown through the runner’s interaction when collecting the hair. Or collide with sharp obstacles. Accordingly, the sound will be flexibly changed to suit each activity taking place.

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Name ID Hair Challenge
Updated On 06/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Rollic Games
Size 66MB
New version 27.0.1
MOD Info Unlimited Gems
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Update 06/06/2024 (1 month ago )