Hero Defense King 1.0.43 APK MOD [Free Shopping]
Hero Defense King 1.0.43 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Hero Defense King 1.0.43 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

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Defend against waves of monster attacks in the world of Hero Defense King. Set in a fantasy kingdom attacked by monster forces. They crossed the roads to reach the final castle. If destroyed, the kingdom will be dominated by the enemy. To prevent that from happening, you will become the leader to fight the attacks. Command the hero to move on the battlefield and attack enemies as they appear. Combine building defense towers along the route that they will go through to attack. The goal is to wipe out all waves of monsters and win. From there, complete the assigned task, as well as successfully defend the kingdom.

Hero Defense King MOD APK – Stop Monsters Attack To Defend Citadel

Based on the content of the game to defend the castle against attacks from monsters. The levels are played out in many different environments. Each level is divided into several stages, each of which corresponds to a wave of attacks from the enemy. With large numbers of monsters moving on the roads leading to the city gates. You will have to accompany the hero and build defensive towers along the route. From there attack to destroy monsters to make them unable to reach the city gate. Stop each attack, in turn, to pass the stages until wiping out all. From there will win and complete the mission in a level.Hero Defense King MOD

The challenge increases and rewards

Continue the defense mission in the new level of the game. The challenge from monsters will increase, making it more difficult for you to protect the stronghold. Accordingly, the number of enemies in each attack wave will increase more than before. At the same time, they are also reinforced with more monsters with superior abilities. Special boys through the battle to a certain stage of the level. It is also possible to fight monster bosses with great power. Make the tower defense system and heroes hard to stop to win.

The reward that is received after completing a task in a level is gold coins. Accordingly, after winning, you will receive a treasure chest. After unlocking will be randomly received with the corresponding amount of gold coins. Continue the fight with the difficulty of the mission increasing when reaching new levels. You will receive a larger amount of bonuses to accumulate and use in trading activities.Tai Hero Defense King MOD

Heart and wood resources

The course of the defensive battle at Hero Defense King. It is important to note two different factors including the heart and the wood resource. Accordingly, each level will have a maximum of 20 hearts, corresponding to the strength of the stronghold. Every time a monster enters the castle, it loses a heart. If the number of hearts is exhausted, the stronghold is captured and the quest fails. Besides, wood is the main resource used to build defensive towers. Depending on the type of tower will need different amounts of wood. At the same time, you can also use wood to upgrade the tower. Accordingly, each time you kill a monster, you will collect wood resources to accumulate.Download Hero Defense King MOD

There are 24 defensive towers

Build a defense tower system along the monster’s attack route. You can use 24 different types of towers and are divided into 4 main types. Includes bow tower, magic tower, turret, and soldier tower. Each tower built will bring its own defense. For example, the bow tower will shoot arrows to deal damage. But besides that, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of monsters. Because each enemy will have superior defense with different factors. So it is necessary to build the right tower to be able to cause great damage, making them quickly destroyed.

Various environments

Defensive battles will take place on many different battlefields. Includes desert, fantasy world, volcano, ice, and jungle. In each location is recreated the environment is not the same. That difference is also reflected in the terrain, landscape and the route leading to the stronghold. Besides, each location will be changed to many different routes. To be able to enter a new world, it is necessary to complete quests at a certain level.Game Hero Defense King MOD

Hero upgrade is one of the indispensable elements at Hero Defense King. To enhance the hero’s fighting ability will have to use gold coins to upgrade the stats. Increases health, attack power, defense, and skills. Besides, it is possible to learn many new skills for the hero to use in a variety of attacks in the battle. According to the information provided, the game has many different heroes for you to recruit. Each hero is shaped in its own style, expressed through appearance and appearance.

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Name ID Hero Defense King
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher mobirix
Size 95MB
New version 1.0.43
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