Hero Shooter 1.3.1 APK MOD [God-mode, Huge Amount Of Money]
Hero Shooter 1.3.1 APK MOD [God-mode, Huge Amount Of Money]

Hero Shooter 1.3.1 APK MOD [God-mode, Huge Amount Of Money]

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Hero Shooter game revolves around shooting missions. With content taking place in the style of role-playing action. Unleash fierce battles on the open map. Recreate the extremely fierce attack between the hero and the enemy force. This game is an offline shooter genre. With the advantage of not needing a network connection, you can still play. Especially experience completely free after downloading. It’s even more interesting when the trading operation is using its own unique currency. Help you can collect to make purchases. Not stopping there, the gameplay is played by one person. No support from teammates or any other players. Will have to carry out the combat mission on their own. Face the tough challenges that lie ahead.

Hero Shooter MOD APK – Accompanying Heroes in Shooting Wars

According to the mission taking place of the game Hero Shooter. The shooting wars are replayed at each level. From there will have to perform each different task in turn. Role-play as a hero using guns to participate in combat. Mission against enemy forces in each level of play. By firing bullets continuously to destroy, and wipe out the entire arena. That will end the game so you can move on to a new mission. The difficulty also increases from there with more difficult challenges than before. Not only the terrain of the arena will be changed in a different style. But there are also more enemies than before. In particular, their combat ability is improved. Make the hero difficult, maybe even lose his life if the enemy force is not stopped.Hero Shooter

The process of fighting, shooting skills

Each war unfolds in each level of Hero Shooter. On a large arena with the appearance of enemy forces. Heroes can use guns to attack in their own way. Through flexible movement within a limited range. Along with a combination of top-down views. Will bring overall observation to easily detect enemy positions.

Moreover, the obstacles are arranged in many ways. Can be used to your advantage to dodge fierce attacks. Along with that, with the advantage of being able to see the enemy’s attack range when hit using a gun. Easily dodge to get out of sight, ensure life. Over time, constantly improve the hero’s shooting skills. From there will wipe out the enemies in the arena to win.Game Hero Shooter

Collect gold coins and items

From the shooting battles that take place in Hero Shooter. After each shot down an enemy, they will drop gold coins. Even if you are lucky, you can even drop valuable items. However, it will not be possible to collect immediately. Instead will have to complete the task of wiping out the enemy. Then the items and coins that drop on the arena will be automatically picked up. Continue moving to the space vortex ahead. Step through to start the new level, there will be a chance to collect more. Here, according to the information provided by the publisher. The game has hundreds of different types of items and accessories that can be found. Accumulated from battles can be used to develop abilities. Improve superior combat power to continue the journey in difficult levels.Tai Hero Shooter

Unlock more than 50 types of power

Pass each level of Hero Shooter in turn. Will learn and unlock new abilities. The game offers more than 50 different power-ups. After completing a task, the system will display 3 random types. Only one of three powers can be selected. Continue the fight to new levels. Gradually unlock more new powers. Typically, increased defense, increased damage, increased headshot rate. An improved gun can fire two bullets in one turn and split fire in two directions. There are many other powers that will be unlocked in later levels. Depends on the gameplay, as well as the hero’s fighting ability. You can choose the right one for better results. For example, if the maximum health is low, you can choose to increase your health when that power appears.Download Hero Shooter

Through the wars in Hero Shooter. Heroes can be equipped with a variety of weapons. Those are guns designed for one-handed or two-handed use. At the same time has a unique attack style. The damage done to the enemy is also not the same. From upgrading and unlocking power-ups. It will change the gun’s ability when used. For example some firearms such as shotguns, laser guns, and many more. The difference between them is also reflected in the type of bullets fired.

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Name ID Hero Shooter
Updated On 15/05/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Fungoodgames
Size 200MB
New version 1.3.1
MOD Info God Mode, Unlimited Money
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Update 15/05/2023 (1 year ago )