Hit Master 3D 1.8.11 APK MOD [Unlock Huge Amount Of Items, No ADS]
Hit Master 3D 1.8.11 APK MOD [Unlock Huge Amount Of Items, No ADS]

Hit Master 3D 1.8.11 APK MOD [Unlock Huge Amount Of Items, No ADS]

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Rescue the hostages being held in the game Hit Master 3D at MODLMH. Following the action gameplay is combined with off-road elements. Unleash dangerous challenges revolving around killing criminals. Infiltrate their lair to rescue the hostages being held. The goal is to get them on a helicopter to safely leave the enemy base. From there, you will complete the assigned tasks and receive rewards. Here you will transform into an assassin, armed with a knife. Can throw an unlimited number to attack dangerous criminals. The first perspective brings visual observation. Along with that, the control mechanism is designed to be simple and optimally used to easily perform attacks.

Hit Master 3D MOD APK – Become an Assassin to rescue the hostages being held

The background unfolds on ice paths drifting across the ocean. The terrain is designed to be rugged with ice blocks of different lengths and heights. This place is the base of dangerous criminals and terrorists. They take hostages and hold them captive in many locations. In the role of an assassin tasked with rescuing all hostages from the enemy’s lair. You will use knives to break into their base and proceed with the mission. Fight the criminals by throwing knives to kill in silence. At the same time lead the hostages to move to the final destination of the journey. There will be a helicopter waiting, then pick them up from the crime dens.Hit Master 3D MOD

Perform tasks according to each level

According to the content of the game to perform level-based tasks. Each level opens a journey to infiltrate the enemy’s lair. Through an assassin’s first-person perspective to uses the equipped knife and attack. Kill the enemy silently and move forward. Overcome rough terrain to get rescued hostages on board a helicopter. Simultaneously kill all the criminals to be able to leave safely. From there will complete the quest in one level.Game Hit Master 3D MOD

Reward received

Based on achievements, shown by the number of enemies killed in the battle and the mission’s difficulty. You will receive a bonus with the corresponding amount to accumulate. Continue the journey and successfully complete the missions of more difficult levels. There will be a chance to get a bigger bonus. In addition, you will also receive cumulative percentage points, when meeting the conditions, you will be able to unlock new weapons.

Difficulty increases with many changes

Continue to the next level of the hostage rescue mission. There will be many changes to make it difficult for you to complete. This is reflected in the increased number of crimes. As well as the number of hostages that need to be rescued, they are being held in many other locations. At the same time, the distance from the starting point to the helicopter location will be longer than before. In particular, the enemy is also equipped with weapons to resist the attack from the assassin. For example, use baseball bats, knives, swords and rush to attack directly. This will make it very difficult for you to be able to rescue all the hostages safely.Tai Hit Master 3D MOD

Attack with a knife or explode a kerosene tank

Use knives to attack criminals in silence. You can instantly knock down your target with just one hit to the head. Conversely, if thrown at other parts of the body will have to be hit many times. In addition, the course of the war can also take advantage of the objects on the road. From there indirectly kill the enemy and bring superior efficiency. Accordingly, in some places there will be kerosene barrels. Attempting to throw the knife correctly will create a massive explosion. This will cause criminals within the explosion radius to lose their lives. This will help you deal with multiple enemies when they are concentrated close together.Download Hit Master 3D MOD

Assassins in the game Hit Master 3D use knives to attack weapons. But go through the missions and complete the safe rescue of the hostages from the criminal lair, through the amount of bonus received or accumulated percentage points. From there you can buy or unlock new weapons to change the way you attack. There are several types such as knives, metal skewers, and more. Each weapon has a different design and size. But they all have one thing in common, which is to attack by throwing from a distance.

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Name ID Hit Master 3D
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Size 92MB
New version 1.8.11
MOD Info Unlock Unlimited Items, No ADS
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