Hunting Online 1.9 APK MOD [Unlocked, Huge Amount Of Full Money]

Hunting Online 1.9 APK MOD [Unlocked, Huge Amount Of Full Money]

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Hunting Online 1.9 APK MOD [Unlocked, Huge Amount Of Full Money]

Hunting Online is an online hunting simulator of the publisher OppanaGames FZC LLC. This is an action game that combines shooting elements. The content revolves around the adventures of a hunter. Mission to hunt wild beasts in a mountain jungle environment. Besides, the man also owns a vehicle to move through many areas. Cross the difficult terrain to find the habitat of the animals. Here you can hunt alone, and have the opportunity to earn money after hunting animals. Or with friends and other hunters competing against each other in the journey. However, it should be noted that to be able to hunt online mode will have to be connected to the network.

Hunting Online MOD APK – Online Hunting In Various Locations

The game simulates a large world divided into many different maps. Includes jungle, winter forest, and savanna. Each location is recreated with a different environment. Expressed through the surrounding landscape and topographical conditions. For example winter forests in cold weather conditions. The ground and the trees were covered with snow and ice. Or the jungle is recreated in hot weather conditions. There are some other locations that will be explored after participating. At the same time, each place will have different animals living.

You can also choose between day and night environments. Accordingly, the daytime environment will provide easy observation. Can detect animals from a distance. In contrast, the night environment has limited visibility, making hunting more difficult.Hunting Online MOD

Diverse quest system

During the hunt, you will have to perform many different tasks. Each task will be given specific requirements by the system. At the same time, there are specific instructions that need to be learned in order to complete the task. For example, collecting 10 animal skins can be done in multiple locations. Collect 5 pig skins, the quest can only be done in the forest. Or hunt 5 mink in the jungle. Much more will be found when participating. With a list of many different challenges waiting to be discovered. But the difficulty also increases every time you start a new mission. Don’t just hunt animals in larger numbers. Sometimes you have to fight other hunters, putting yourself in danger.Game Hunting Online MOD

The reward is gold coins

After completing a hunting mission in MODLMH‘s Hunting Online game. You will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount of difficulty of the task. Can be accumulated to use in many transaction activities. Besides, there is also the opportunity to earn more gold coins through daily login activity. Over time will accumulate a large amount to buy items and equipment in the store. Even if you log in continuously until a certain date, you will receive new weapons.Tai Hunting Online MOD

Various types of hunting guns

There are different types of weapons used in hunting. They are all guns with a scope attached. For example M40A1, Barret 500, AK-47,… and more. Each gun is evaluated for its ability through its own stats. Through damage, fire rate, and spread. Not stopping there, after owning the gun can proceed to upgrade. With many unique skins and improved stats. But need to use money in the corresponding amount to buy.

Many means of transportation

The hunt will take place in large areas. To shorten travel time to other areas. You can control the vehicle moving at a faster speed. Here the game has many different vehicles possessing outstanding performance. Used to carry goods and cross rough terrain. For example 2-door, 4-door SUV, and more. Each vehicle is capable of transporting goods in different quantities. At the same time, you can also use more trailers to increase the amount of cargo. From there will transport more animals in a hunting trip.Download Hunting Online MOD

Challenge a hunter’s skills in Hunting Online’s online mode. With the participation of many players around the world. They were all skilled hunters with their own vehicles and weapons. Accordingly, you will have to compete with hunters in the journey of hunting animals and wild animals. Aim to shoot down many species to increase your achievement points and rank. But also beware of hunters. Because they can attack you at any time, if you are not careful, you will lose your life.

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Name ID Hunting Online
Updated On 06/07/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher OppanaGames FZC LLC
Size 113MB
New version 1.9
MOD Info Unlocked, Unlimited Full Money
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