Iron Blade MOD APK 2.3.0 (Menu, Unlimited money rubies)
Iron Blade MOD APK 2.3.0 (Menu, Unlimited money rubies)

Iron Blade MOD APK 2.3.0 (Menu, Unlimited money rubies)

By HN - 14/05/2023
Name Iron Blade
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Gameloft SE
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money rubies
Size 43MB
Version 2.3.0
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Security By LMHMOD
Update 14/05/2023 (5 months ago )

Iron Blade opens an RPG war in medieval Europe. The game belongs to the action role-playing genre, combined with adventure gameplay. Open fierce battles, revolving around the conflict between warriors and dark magic. Become a warrior to start the adventure. Participate in challenging campaigns to collect equipment and bonuses. Or build your own fortress to compete with other players in PvP duels. Even more exciting as you will be an adventure through landmarks inspired by real life. But will have to fight the army of evil with a lot of fearsome enemies. Accordingly, you will learn about the plot of the game which is gradually revealed after the tasks are completed in turn.

Download Iron Blade – Adventure in the Medieval World of Europe

Role-play as a warrior in Iron Blade. Enter a challenging adventure in the mythical world of medieval Europe. The quest to uncover the mysteries and learn about the plot of the game. Based on the magical combat mechanism used to perform. With just a simple tap, and swipe to use the navigation and scrolling system. Combine the displayed attack symbols to fight the enemy. By a flexible combination of the provided play mechanics. You will help the warrior create fierce attacks. Aim to deal damage to enemies and destroy them to survive.Game Iron Blade

Campaign mode

Come to the adventure in the Campaign mode of the game Iron Blade. Unfold various stories in order. Starting with Esquin the betrayer, Hugo the crusher, and Black William. And the next stories will be unlocked one after another when the conditions are met. Each story unfolds the journey to fight on many levels. When participating, you will have to fight the fearsome enemy force in stages. After completing a level by wiping out the enemies in the fight. From there will receive rewards including equipment, money, energy, and rubies. Depending on the level will receive different rewards.Download Iron Blade

Conditions to unlock new story

To be able to unlock the next story in Iron Blade , you need to complete the quest. It is defeating many different enemies with specific numbers. Also, collect enough stars based on the achievement at each level. The example starts the first quest of Esquin the betrayer. To be able to enter the adventure in the second story Hugo the crusher. You must defeat 15 common traitors, 15 demons, and 15 monsters. After completing, the system will unlock to go to the next story. The given condition will be higher than before. But will be entering an adventure in the new land of the medieval European world.

From the adventure in the story will be discovered many new lands. From Notre Dame to the demon knight fighting mission. Until the challenge against bloodthirsty vampires in the dungeons of Transylvania. There are many more places to be discovered during the adventure.Iron Blade

Gameplay and process

Each fight takes place in Iron Blade in real-time. Follow the open gameplay re-enacted on the vast battlefield. Your mission is to destroy different enemies. Move forward to enter the next stage. Face other enemies with a specific number. After passing the stages the fight will complete the mission. From there receive the reward and continue to the new battle. The difficulty will increase with the challenge from the enemies you face. In a limited time need to beat them to win.

Many items to equip

Heroes in Iron Blade can equip many different items. Includes main weapon, secondary weapon, and bow, and arrow support. Besides that, there are defensive shields, armor, gloves, boots, and hats. Each piece of equipment plays an important role in the adventure. Because they have their own stats, when used will increase attack power and defense. Moreover, it improves the hero’s ability. Money can be used to upgrade equipment. Or use equipment collected after battles and choose the one with higher attributes to use.Iron Blade

MOD Feature of Iron Blade

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited rubies

After completing the quest in the first story. Will be Iron Blade unlocked fortress mode. Here you will build your own fortress. From there, compete with online opponents through PvP matches. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the fortress from the attack of the evil army. Do not let any enemies enter the castle. Not stopping there, you can also participate in event mode. Compete with other warriors in matches. From there will have the opportunity to receive more rare equipment and great bonuses.

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