Jumanji: Epic Run MOD APK 1.9.5 (Free Shopping)
Jumanji: Epic Run MOD APK 1.9.5 (Free Shopping)

Jumanji: Epic Run MOD APK 1.9.5 (Free Shopping)

By HN - 08/11/2023
Name Jumanji: Epic Run
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher CrazyLabs LTD
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 163MB
Version 1.9.5
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 08/11/2023 (1 month ago )

Adventure with Jumanji through the treacherous terrains of Jumanji: Epic Run at MODLMH. Go on a quest to find the lost falcon jewel. Follow the game’s story to embark on a challenging journey. Accordingly, it will face deadly dangers. Just one mistake ends the adventure. Rely on endless gameplay set in a story-driven race. The sacred falcon jewel was stolen by an anonymous thief. As soon as he found out, he ran away to escape. To be able to get it back there will be no choice but to chase. That process will face numerous challenges. Not only the terrain but also the beasts that get in the way. At the same time have the opportunity to explore many different places.

Download Jumanji: Epic Run – Adventure With Jumanji To Chase The Falcon Jewel Thief

Follow the endless gameplay that takes place in the adventure to find the precious falcon jewel. You will accompany Jumanji in the race to chase the thief. That process will move on different terrain divided into 3 parallel routes. Along with that comes the appearance of dangerous obstacles, treacherous terrain, and beasts. More specifically, it is hindered by armed enemies. Through that series of challenges, different actions will be taken. Dodge by switching routes and jumping up. Combine attacks on enemies by choosing the moment, then the direct impact to destroy.Jumanji- Epic Run MOD

Race in 4 environments

The process takes place on the journey to chase the thief who took away the falcon jewel. Will have to pass 4 different environments that are randomly changed when reaching a certain stage. Includes jungle trail running, rock climbing, waterfall jumping and diving, animal trail running. Each environment will have to face different challenges. For example running on the route in the forest, just dodge the rocks and kill the enemies to move forward. Climbing requires dodging the free-falling rocks from above. Or jump down a waterfall, there are tree branches and overhanging cliffs. There are many obstacles that appear in other environments that will be faced after participating.Game Jumanji- Epic Run MOD

Obstacles and enemies

Various obstacles and dangers in Jumanji’s adventures in Jumanji: Epic Run. As for the obstacles, it can be mentioned as large blocks of stone scattered on the road, and large trees lying scattered. Pillars are large and they even collapse on their own after approaching. More will appear according to the running distance. Besides the animals in the forest, they are very dangerous. Because just being collided will cause the character to lose his life and have to stop the adventure. Accordingly, there are rhinos, vultures, jaguars, and more. Especially facing enemies armed with weapons. They appear along the way you move, armed with weapons to attack.Tai Jumanji- Epic Run MOD

Collect gold and gems

Throughout the journey to chase the thief. There will be a chance to collect gold bars. They appear along the moving route in large numbers. To be able to collect need to scroll over and touch. Moreover, if you are lucky, you can also find a coin bag containing a large number of gold bars. Try not to miss and collect as much as you can. From there, it can be used for many transactions and upgrades. More specifically, you also collect gems. They appear randomly at any point on the track.Download Jumanji- Epic Run MOD

Use support items

In the adventure can also use many support items. They can be found at random points along the way. Includes boomerang, magnet, shield, and double card. There are a number of other items that will be discovered after entering the journey. Each item when used will bring a unique special ability. For example, a thrown boomerang will automatically destroy obstacles and turn them into bags of gold. The magnet can attract all the gold bars that appear on all 3 parallel routes. Or the shield will create an energy shield to protect the character for a short period of time.

Jumanji is not the only character in the game Jumanji: Epic Run. There are many other characters waiting for you to discover. Includes Professor Shelly Oberon, Franklin Finbar, Ruby Roundhouse and Dr. Smolder Bravestone. Each character is shaped in its own distinctive style. Expressed through appearance, appearance, and clothing. The difference between them is also reflected in the racing style. With dodge and attack actions nicely recreated.

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