Kritika: The White Knights 5.3.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of karat gold, one hit]
Kritika: The White Knights 5.3.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of karat gold, one hit]

Kritika: The White Knights 5.3.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of karat gold, one hit]

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Become a hero in Kritika: The White Knights. Enter a challenging adventure in an open world. Designed a lively environment, set in a fantasy kingdom. Your mission is to overcome the challenges of each battle. Aim to defeat dangerous enemies on the battlefield to uncover the mysteries. Also, collect the loot after unlocking the chest. From there, strengthen your ability to become stronger. Aim to face bigger challenges in extreme adventure. The game is built on a role-playing theme. Combine action elements to recreate fierce battles. Along with an anime-style 3D graphics system. Incorporate exciting sound effects throughout the gameplay.

Description about Kritika: The White Knights MOD APK – Become a Hero to Fight Monsters

Kritika: The White Knights opens a vast fantasy world. Play as a hero to join the adventure. Take on challenging quests to uncover the mysteries. As well as discovering new lands. Accordingly will have to fight against terrifying monsters. Facing the onslaught of the boss. To be able to survive and overcome challenges. There is no other choice but to fight.

Based on the intuitive control mechanism provided by the system. Role-play as any hero, skills are shown in the form of icons. Along with the combination of joystick touch mechanisms to navigate and move.Kritika- The White Knights

Stage e Missions

Follow the quest in the Stage mode of Kritika: The White Knights. Unlock levels of battle with monsters. In each level will have to fight a large number of dangerous monsters. They will rush to attack as soon as you appear, in order to take lives. To be able to survive will have to fight continuously and find ways to destroy. After a while, when wiping out all enemies in the arena. From there will win and have a chance to unlock treasure chests. When opened, you will receive random rewards including equipment and valuable items.

The battle process needs to pay attention to the amount of blood and energy. Accordingly, the amount of health will gradually decrease after being attacked by monsters. Mana will be consumed when using attacks to attack enemies. To be able to continue the fight and survive. It is necessary to use the healing potion and mana. Absolutely do not let it run out, it will put you in danger.Game Kritika- The White Knights

The new level of difficulty, against boss

After completing a quest in Kritika: The White Knights. Coming to the next level of Stage mode. The hero will face a greater challenge from the enemy. With the number increased more than before. At the same time, new monsters appear. They have superior combat abilities. This will put the hero in danger, even at the cost of his life. Besides, it brings innovation to each battle. The surroundings and terrain will be changed. Along with the value of the received reward also increased, with more equipment and rare items.

The boss battle is one of the most difficult challenges. Because the boss possesses a power that surpasses ordinary monsters. Boss can overwhelm the hero with fierce attacks. Accordingly, when you reach a certain level, you will have to face a type of monster boss. They have different shapes and attacks.Tai Kritika- The White Knights

Many heroes

The character system in Kritika: The White Knights is very diverse. Before starting the fight can choose one of the characters provided. They are heroes possessing an impressive fighting style. With different attacks and skills. The difference between them is also reflected in their appearance and appearance. For example, the hero Rang uses dual swords, which can launch physical slashes. The Elemental Fairy is a mage, capable of using four types of magic. Monk with the powerful power generated from the punch can deal fatal blows to the enemy. There are many other characters that you will learn in detail when participating.Download Kritika- The White Knights

Modified MOD information of Kritika: The White Knights

  • Mod Menu
  • Huge Amount Of karat
  • Huge Amount Of gold
  • one hit

The game Kritika: The White Knights also has 2 other modes. It’s survival and guild. Each mode opens its own themed battles. In survival mode can compete with many other heroes. Join them to compete in the 1vs1 arena. Or engage multiple heroes in a battle to find the last survivor. Besides, the guild mode will help you to participate in matches with other guilds. Or join your clan members to fight monster bosses that are hard to defeat alone.

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Name ID Kritika: The White Knights
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Com2uS Holdings Corporation
Size 114MB
New version 5.3.2
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited karat gold, one hit
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )