Match Masters MOD APK 4.419 (Unlimited Money, Coins, Boosters)
Match Masters MOD APK 4.419 (Unlimited Money, Coins, Boosters)

Match Masters MOD APK 4.419 (Unlimited Money, Coins, Boosters)

By HN - 29/05/2023
Name Match Masters
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Candivore
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Coins, Boosters
Size 83MB
Version 4.419
Category Puzzle
Get It On APK Google Play
Price FREE
Update 29/05/2023 (20 hours ago )

From the game Match Masters comes a whole new puzzle title. Designed with a match-3 puzzle theme. But there have been many changes to the gameplay to bring a more interesting experience. More specifically, instead of participating in thousands of levels like games with similar themes. Here, the game will build on online competitive content. Compete against other players around the world. Test your skills with them by solving turn-based match-3 puzzles. Simultaneously happening in real-time. Promises to bring everyone an engaging puzzle experience. The publisher also offers a series of unique features. Even can only be found when coming to this game. Those are booster items to use in creating combos. Along with vivid 3D graphics, combine stunning effects.

Download Match Masters – Match-3 Puzzle Style Online Match

An introduction to the content of the Match Masters game. Played in online multiplayer mode. Requires connection to the network. From there will be entered the online puzzle matches. Thanks to the server system being randomly arranged the opponent has the same level. Brings exciting turn-based matches. Moreover, go through each match in match-3 style. Continue to participate in new battles. There will be opportunities to meet many other online players. They are from all over the world. Moreover, rely on the feature of connecting to the social network Facebook. Can invite friends to join, and challenge them. Compete for your puzzle skills to find the winner. Rank yourself up on the leaderboards of the best players.Match Masters

The gameplay goes on, and the results

How is the gameplay of Match Masters game? When participating, you will be entered into a 1vs1 online match. You and your opponent will perform the puzzle action on the same item board. Similar to the match-3 puzzle genre. Need to teleport to match at least 3 or more identical items. However, the target needs to collect the type of item requested by the system. To increase achievement points. As well as accumulate to have the opportunity to use special booster items. Based on the puzzle process, after the match is over. Through the score achieved between two players. Whoever has the higher achievement score wins. From there get attractive rewards. Consists of gold coins and trophies with corresponding amounts.Game Match Masters

Rules of the game

Follow the construction rules in Match Masters. Each match will be divided into 5 stages. Each stage will have 2 consecutive puzzles taken by each player. Simultaneously will take place in real-time. If after the time is over, you can’t complete 2 puzzles. That means it will take turns to give the opponent a chance to pass you. Make the win rate decrease, even lose. Take each puzzle turn, in turn, finishing 5 stages in a match. From there, the winner will be found, expressed through the achievement points achieved.Ear Match Masters

Kinds of puzzle items

On the item, board to do the puzzle in Match Masters. There are many different types, expressed through their own colors and shapes. Includes yellow triangle, red circle, purple square, orange diamond, blue star, and green rhombus. Each item will be arranged in different positions. Shown on the board, divided into squares, in a checkerboard style. By touching and teleporting create a combination of at least 3 of the same items. Horizontally or vertically.

More than 15 boosters

You will feel more interested when coming to Match Masters. Thanks to the various enhancement items provided. With over 15 fun boosters to explore. Each type will bring its own vivid effect. As well as unique gameplay to help you create combos. For example, a cannon item has the ability to create an explosion within a certain range. From there will collect a variety of puzzle items on the chessboard. There are many other boosters waiting to be discovered when participating.Download Match Masters

MOD Feature of Match Masters

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Boosters

To win against other players. Through Match Masters ‘s turn-based puzzle matches. Skill is one of the most important factors. Can directly decide the outcome of the match. Because each player will take turns solving the puzzle when it’s their turn. On a chessboard, there will be changes in the position of items. That will change the course of the competitive game. As a smart person, you don’t just count your turn to solve the puzzle. But also take into account the opponent’s next puzzle turn.

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