Metal Force 3.49.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Full Money, Unlock Tank]
Metal Force 3.49.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Full Money, Unlock Tank]

Metal Force 3.49.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Full Money, Unlock Tank]

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Get ready to participate in Metal Force tank battles in MODLMH. Follow the action gameplay with role-playing elements. You will become a unit of soldiers assigned to control the army tank. Perform different missions on the battlefield and compete with enemy forces. This is a modern tank battle game. It takes place in many different modes waiting to be discovered. Along with that is a collection of many light tank models provided by the system. Besides, it is a combination of realistic graphics and sound. Use 3D image quality to recreate the real environment. The sound of tank operation and the sound of bombs takes place during the battle. Promises to bring an engaging combat experience.

Metal Force MOD APK – The Battle Of The Tanks Competition

Control your tank in freestyle battles. Compete with enemy tanks of many countries. Follow the real-time gameplay that takes place during the 5-minute countdown. You and your opponents can freely operate the tank moving on the vast battlefield. Here there will be no support from teammates, each unit is a faction. Will attack each other with the goal of shooting down the enemy to increase the achievement score. The battle lasts until the countdown reaches 0. Then based on the kills achieved between units. From there, the ranking of winners and losers is based on their position in the rankings. Whoever has the highest score, kills more enemies, and kills less will win.Metal Force MOD

Team Battle Mode

Promote teamwork in the game’s team mode. Here open team battles between two factions on the battlefield. With competition among online players from all over the world. Accordingly, you will cooperate with team members. Deploy strategies to attack enemy forces. Through real-time played out, the forces of both sides will attack relentlessly. Their goal is to get more kills after the match is over.

To survive and gain an advantage against the enemy tank team. You and your teammates will have to support each other in dangerous situations. Work together to fight to shoot down enemy tanks one by one. Over time, the target is bombarded multiple times to increase the kill score. From there will win against the enemy after the time is up.Download Metal Force MOD

Fight online, can chat

Metal Force is an online action game. Featuring real players from all over the world. Through two modes of freestyle and team, the battle is taking place. You will have the opportunity to meet and compete with them on the battlefield. Each person controls their own tank and represents different countries. For example China, USA, Russia, France, Germany, and more. In particular, the system also supports chat via chat box. Through it can chat and communicate with other players. Or chat with your team during the competition, so you can easily deploy strategies to deliver better results.Metal Force MOD

Many tank models

The content of the game revolves around tank battles. Accordingly, there are many models designed based on reality. Inspired by army tanks of many segments. They are simulated with many different styles. Light tanks, for example, use tires to provide fast movement. Can perform reconnaissance and reconnaissance missions. But the combat ability is not high, the firepower generated has low destructive power. In contrast, heavy tanks use chains to move. Although the speed is slower, the high destructive power can easily destroy armored tanks. Besides, it is also possible to upgrade to enhance the capabilities of each tank model.Game Metal Force MOD

Tank battles at Metal Force will take place on many different battlefields. Consists of army barracks in a large forest. The military area was built on frozen snow. Or checkpoints in the red desert. Each location is recreated with different environments and extreme weather conditions. At the same time, the terrain in each location is designed to be rugged and uneven. When moving and attacking will create shooting angles with different heights. The combination of 3D graphics will simulate a very realistic environment. Accordingly, creating vivid effects when controlling the moving tank. In the desert, for example, the dusty scene is reproduced in reality.

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Name ID Metal Force
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher XDEVS LTD
Size 309MB
New version 3.49.7
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Full Money, Unlocked Tanks
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )