MMA Fighting Clash 2.7.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Silver]

MMA Fighting Clash 2.7.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Silver]

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MMA Fighting Clash 2.7.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Silver]

MMA Fighting Clash is a fighting sports game. The content is built around the theme of 1vs1 combat. With the presence of gladiators possessing outstanding strength. Accordingly, you will accompany a boxer to develop a competitive career. Through the fighting battles that take place in the ring. Compete with other fighters with the goal of beating them all to win. Aim for the title of a champion to prove your achievements. Besides, the game offers many interesting features to experience. Simulate the actions of a boxer shown in the ring. Simultaneously combine with 3D graphics to realistically reproduce the image and environment. Along with that is the mix of vivid sound effects.

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The fighting game of the game is integrated with many different martial arts. Including Kick Boxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, Sambo, and many others. Each martial art will perform the blows in its own way. Accordingly, the developer Imperium Multimedia has taken the quintessence of each martial art to integrate into the game. Aim to create unique attack actions of the boxers. Based on martial arts with a combination of hands and feet. From there perform offensive, defensive, and dodging actions. Accordingly, to be able to control the character, it will have to be through the control mechanism. With an intuitive design, it’s easy to use. It will definitely help you feel excited during the confrontation with the opponent.MMA Fighting Clash MOD

Graphics and sound

Promising to open up fighting matches between attractive boxers. The game used 3D graphics to reproduce images and sounds. Accordingly, the idea is designed to be sharp with high quality. Along with that is the flexible movement of the character during the battle. With movements that are combined between hands and feet are very impressive. Besides, the sound effects are simulated vividly. With cheers and cheers from the fans outside the ring. Along with a combination of attack sounds from punches and kicks. Gives you a dramatic feeling like playing in real life.Game MMA Fighting Clash MOD

Battle by level

Become a fighter to advance your career in the MMA Fighting Clash game. With battle levels in ascending order. At each level opens a 1vs1 fighting match. You must compete with another boxer in the ring and an iron cage. Skill is the main factor that determines the outcome. Therefore, the two will perform learned attacks to attack the opponent. At the same time dodge to limit damage and blood loss. The match lasts until one of the boxers is defeated, and the other will win. To be able to become the champion, you need to beat each boxer in turn through the levels. Then rise to become a first-class boxer to prove his ability.Tai MMA Fighting Clash MOD

Real-time innings

Each fighting fight is played in innings. Each round is limited to a maximum of 5 minutes countdown. Accordingly, in some early levels, the match only takes place in one inning. But later on, it will be increased to 3 rounds. Accordingly, you will have to successfully defeat your opponent in two rounds to win. Besides, the time in each round does not necessarily end after 5 minutes. Instead, you can finish earlier if you beat your opponent quickly.

Health and energy stats

The process of the match between two boxers in the ring. It is necessary to pay attention to the two indicators of health and energy. Accordingly, the health is shown by the red horizontal bar, which will decrease after being hit by attacks from the opponent. When the amount of blood is depleted, it will mean loss of life. Next to that is the energy shown in blue, this is the boxer’s fitness. Based on actions performed continuously, energy will increase, which means physical fitness will decrease. At that time, it is necessary to keep the tempo and slow down to be able to create big damage attacks.Download MMA Fighting Clash MOD

Here MMA Fighting Clash has more than 60 different characters. They are all uniquely shaped martial artists. The difference is shown in facial appearance, body, and skin color. These include Alexander Emilianenko, Jose Aldo, Ronda Rousey, Connor McGregor, Bruce Lee, and many more. Each character has its own set of skills with specific martial arts. Moreover, I experience fighting matches with other boxers. Can learn more unique attack moves to deal great damage to the opponent.

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Name ID MMA Fighting Clash
Updated On 14/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Imperium Multimedia Games
Size 131MB
New version 2.7.9
MOD Info Unlimited Gold, Silver
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