Moto Rider GO 1.92.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamond]
Moto Rider GO 1.92.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamond]

Moto Rider GO 1.92.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamond]

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Moto Rider GO is a first-person motocross racing game. Bringing you an engaging traffic dodge driving experience. Take place on different environment-designed roads. Your goal is to be the best racer in the world. To prove your skills and professionalism will have to complete challenges. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to show off your skills through a competitive race with your opponent. Find the winner by finishing in the top position. When participating in the game you will drive on the highway. Completing the tasks will be rewarded. From there, there is an opportunity to unlock the door to own a new motorbike. With so many different vehicles on offer.

Description about Moto Rider GO MOD APK – Challenge your Motorcycle Driving Skills by Avoiding Traffic

From the first-person perspective of the game Moto Rider GO. Become a motocross racer on highway roads. To be able to operate vehicles on the road. You will have to touch the throttle handle icon to increase the travel speed. Constantly moving forward and towards the destination. In parallel, it is necessary to combine the navigation system shown through the arrow keys. Just tap respectively to switch directions left or right. By a flexible combination of control and observation of the environment ahead. From there it is possible to drive the car to accelerate and move forward on the road with heavy traffic.Moto Rider GO

Story e Missions

Challenge your motorcycling skills in the Story mode of Moto Rider GO. Unlock racing levels by dodging traffic over long distances. To be able to complete the mission will have to drive to the destination safely. Accordingly, it will be necessary to avoid traffic on the road and not have a collision. At the same time, you have to race against time to ensure the finish line before the time ends. After completing the race and winning. From there will be rewarded with the amount of money corresponding to the difficulty of the race level.

Achievements in each motocross level are represented by the number of stars. A completed mission with excellent achievement will have to get a maximum of 3 stars. But to successfully complete the mission with the maximum number of stars. It is necessary to meet the conditions given in each race.Moto Rider GO

Driving process in each racing level

Every race in Moto Rider GO happens in real-time. Accordingly, you will have to drive a race against time to reach the finish line. On track will be divided into 3 stages. Each time you move, you will receive more time to continue the journey. Complete each step in turn to reach the finish line. Make sure the time is not over to win. Conversely, if the driving process slows down, the time will be slowed down. Failure to reach the next stage and the countdown to 0. This will cause the race to end and the mission to fail.

In each racing, the level is shown a progress bar. You can observe the vehicle moving and the distance to the destination. At the same time, each point in a path is represented by a green flag. From there, it is possible to track and estimate the road ahead so that the driver can accelerate in time.Download Moto Rider GO

Vehicle system

Use the money accumulated after racing levels of Moto Rider GO. New motor vehicles can be purchased. Each car has its own unique design. At the same time, the first-person perspective, will bring a different viewing angle of the control watch face. Moreover, their performance is also expressed through parameters. Each vehicle also has additional features. Includes total lives, miss rewards, speed rewards, and lane departures.

The difficulty increases gradually with many changes

After completing a mission to go to the next racing level of Moto Rider GO. The process of driving a motorbike will be more difficult than before. With changing environmental conditions. Especially the density of traffic moving on the road is very much. At the same time, they do not just move at a fixed speed in a straight line. Instead, it can change lanes and slow down at any time. This forces you to focus. Because only a small collision or wrong lane change will cause an accident.Game Moto Rider GO

Modified MOD information of Moto Rider GO

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems
  • Huge Amount Of diamond

Going through the races will have the opportunity to experience 4 different environments on the highway. Includes suburbs, desert, night city, and snow city. Each location is designed with a landscape and lively environment. At each level of motorcycling that takes place, the environment will be changed and repeated again and again when it comes to a new race.

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Name ID Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic
Updated On 20/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher T-Bull
Size 96MB
New version 1.92.1
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gems diamond
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