Drift Max Pro 2.5.57 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Free Shopping, Unlocked]
Drift Max Pro 2.5.57 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Free Shopping, Unlocked]

Drift Max Pro 2.5.57 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Free Shopping, Unlocked]

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If you are bored with the traditional speed racing game series, try Drift Max Pro now. This game brings new racing gameplay based on Drift skill. This is one of the most difficult skills in the racing rules, and it does not require high speed. Your job is to perform the best Drift to score points and complete the mission. But to do this, you need to master the driving maneuvers from moving to using the brakes, accelerator, and more. This game offers many modes for you to explore and practice. In particular, it has a leaderboard available for you to compete with your friends online.

Drift Max Pro MOD APK – Racing with the ultimate Drift skill

After the success of the game Drift Max, publisher Tiramisu continues to launch Drift Max Pro, a more advanced version. Basically, this game retains the gameplay of the old version MOD APK – Drift racing. But it brings many new and advanced features, allowing you to experience the racing experience many times more completely. You can now race across various map locations from Tokyo to New York, Brooklyn, Moscow, and more. In particular, there are dozens of the most unique car models added to the garage to explore. And you won’t be alone in driving them on the track. If you want to challenge your friends, choose the online mode and conquer the challenge.


Explore modes and missions

Compared to the old version, this game has more modes. It includes Career, Multiplayer, Quick Play, and many other unique events. Career mode is still the most typical mode. It includes a series of chapter-based levels with varied rewards and maps. Your mission is to access each chapter, complete the assigned tasks to receive rewards, and unlock new chapters. In multiplayer mode, you can join the race with random friends. The goal of each player is to score the most points using the Drift skill. Finally, Quick Play mode is the place for quick races with small missions. In addition, the game also allows gamers to create rooms with friends to race together.


Show your bravery on the track

Unlike many other games, this title offers Drift races where speed is not of the utmost importance. After selecting the mode, it only takes a few seconds for you to start a race. On each track, your task is to achieve the required number of distances, collect checkpoints or reach the minimum score, depending on the task. And you need to perform the Drift skill to do this. So getting to the finish line first is no longer your goal. Instead, you have to be the best Drift, the best without collision. This is not as easy as you think.

To perform the Drift skill in Drift Max Pro , you need to master driving operations. Specifically, you need to control the car well through 2 arrows on the screen. At the same time, you need to combine them with virtual buttons for the foot brake, handbrake, and accelerator. If you want to do a Drift, you need to use the navigation arrows in conjunction with the foot brake. In some situations, you will combine with other operations. In general, depending on the situation on the track, you need to be flexible in your vehicle control method. In particular, you will drive in the third or first-person perspective. Take turns changing the perspective to experience many different sensations.


Unlock a unique car collection

The game offers a series of modern car models from famous brands. Each car has an impressive appearance and a different engine sound. You will find them in the garage with detailed customizations. The vehicle system is also graded from D to S, corresponding to the rarity and quality of the vehicle. The rarer the cars, the better, and the more beautiful they are, but the more expensive they are. If you want to enjoy shopping for cars, you should download the version here. Besides, you can also customize the car with a range of options from car color, wheels, and more. The game also allows you to upgrade your car with just one click on the screen.


Realistic 3D map environment

Where do you want to race? Is it on the streets of modern Tokyo or Red Square in Moscow in Russia? This game will bring you to many of the most famous places in the world to admire. Each map location is meticulously designed on 3D graphics. It offers beautiful racing tracks and a modern, liberal setting. Moreover, the racing scene will change flexibly from day to night. You will feel the difference in the environment at different times of the day.

As can be seen, Drift Max Pro is one of the best Drift games on mobile to date. It has everything you need for a drift racing experience, including an epic racing system, rich maps, and realistic design. Don’t hesitate to download it to your phone and discover it all. Drive and record on the global leaderboard, it’s your duty.

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Name ID Drift Max Pro
Updated On 16/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Tiramisu
Size 376MB
New version 2.5.57
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Unlocked
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Update 16/06/2024 (2 days ago )