Mr Bullet 5.41 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money tickets, vip unlocked, no ads]
Mr Bullet 5.41 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money tickets, vip unlocked, no ads]

Mr Bullet 5.41 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money tickets, vip unlocked, no ads]

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Solve shooting puzzles in Mr Bullet. Accordingly, perform the tasks of a gunman. This game is built with puzzle-themed content. You will transform into a hero to perform the destruction mission. Show precision in aiming to kill all enemies. Combine cleverness with using your brain to solve unique puzzles. It will be an adventure through many locations. Travel in many challenges to conquer difficulties. In particular, there will be no support from any teammates. Will have to do the quests on their own before any challenge. Face countless different enemies in each location. It is necessary to use the equipped gun to attack.

Mr Bullet MOD APK – A Journey To Save The World With Shooting Action

Mr Bullet opens a secret mission. A gunman is tasked with saving the world. Will have to face many enemies, which can be agents, spies, ninjas, zombies, or aliens. No matter who it was, there was a plot to invade the world. Aim to dominate and rob human civilization. Can’t let that happen, you’ll have to become a hero. Use the equipped weapon, it’s a modern laser-powered gun. Embark on a challenging journey to perform strike action. Only by wiping out all enemies in different areas can they be stopped. From there successfully protect the world to complete the assigned mission.Mr Bullet

Quests according to each level of the chapter

The mission takes place in Mr Bullet according to each level of play. Opens up various chapters for you to explore. Challenge your shooting skills in killing enemies at each level. Each level of play will need to shoot down a certain number of enemies. They appear at various locations in the altered terrain. After destroying all to complete the challenge. Then it will continue to step into a new level of play. Pass each challenge in turn to complete the mission in a chapter. After that, the system will unlock the next chapter with increased difficulty. At the same time, many factors will change. From the environment, the terrain, and the appearance of enemies that need to be destroyed.Game Mr Bullet

The process of performing the task

The levels taking place in each chapter of Mr Bullet are presented in puzzle gameplay. Play as a hero assigned to save the world. You will stand still in one position and the enemies will do the same. Use the equipped gun, and combine laser support to aim accurately. Aim to shoot down all enemies with a single bullet. Accordingly, you will achieve excellent results and receive valuable rewards. That process can use golden bullets with the ability to bounce after impacting enemies or terrain. Making good use of that advantage will help you kill many enemies with just one bullet. Or use bullets that shoot straight with the ability to kill only one enemy when hit.Ear Mr Bullet


Achievements in Mr Bullet are shown through the number of stars. Each challenge that takes place can reach a maximum of 3 stars. Based on the number of bullets used during the attack. To be able to achieve excellent results, it is necessary to meet the given conditions. It is only using the number of gold bullets to shoot the enemy. If after running out of gold ammo, continue to use normal ammo. Then the number of stars will decrease after each bullet is fired. Or in the case of running out of ammo in a level and still not being able to wipe out the enemy. Meaning the mission failed and will have to play again until passed to be able to continue the journey.

Multiple locations

Explore different locations in each chapter of Mr Bullet. From completing a challenge in a chapter. After starting the new chapter, the environment will be changed. At the same time, the enemies to face also change. The beginning of the first chapter takes place in a city. Mission to destroy agents and spies. Continue to the second chapter with the setting opening in a town. Aim to shoot down the assassin ninjas to complete the mission. After entering the third chapter explore the dead land, which takes place in a gloomy space. The enemies that need to be destroyed are bloodthirsty zombies. More locations will be opened in the next chapters.Download Mr Bullet

Modified MOD information of Mr Bullet

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money tickets
  • unlocked everything
  • vip unlocked
  • no ads

In each mission, Mr Bullet can shoot down the target in two different ways. Using guns to shoot directly or indirectly cause their death. By taking advantage of the objects that appear around the terrain. Use the gun to fire bullets accurately at a location, causing the object to move. At that time, it will affect the enemy to indirectly kill them, helping you to overcome the challenge.

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Name ID Mr Bullet
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 43MB
New version 5.41
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money tickets, vip unlocked, no ads
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )