Murder Hornet {{version}} APK MOD (Free Upgrade)
Murder Hornet {{version}} APK MOD (Free Upgrade)

Murder Hornet 1.2.0 APK MOD (Free Upgrade)

By The Toan - 29/02/2024 (4 days ago) - 118MB
Name Murder Hornet
Updated On 29/02/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 118MB
Version 1.2.0
MOD Features Free Upgrade
Update 29/02/2024 (4 days ago )

Murder Hornet game is built based on the action game genre. Open up an interesting topic about bees. In it, you will become the leader of the painting. Make an amphibious assault on everyone in the world. Aim to develop the hive to be able to house an army, with the goal of dominating all of humanity. Accordingly will have the opportunity to enjoy exciting gameplay. Although the operations that take place are made very simple. But it will be a journey at each level to be able to complete the task. Because there will be many factors that change after each attack. At the same time through the process of performing the task. From there will have the opportunity to earn many valuable bonuses. They can be used to unlock and upgrade.

Download Murder Hornet – Leaders Attack Humans With Stings

The gameplay of Murder Hornet follows a simple story. You will have to lead the bees to attack people. To carry out a plot to take over the world. Through inflicting painful stings to kill. Simultaneously hunt for targets and eliminate them as quickly as possible. Accordingly, you will complete the task to receive valuable rewards. With a very simple one-touch control mechanism. With just one finger, you can also lead the bees to search for the target. As well as navigation for flexible and precise movement. Select a position on each person’s body and make a fatal sting.Murder Hornet

Quests by level

As introduced about the mission of the game Murder Hornet. To recreate the challenge of controlling bees to attack humans. Missions will take place according to each level of play. Accordingly to participate in a level will open a quest. The condition requires full human attack. They appear at many different locations on a terrain. Takes place in designed environments in multiple locations. After making each sting in turn kills the whole person. From there will complete the task. Based on the difficulty of the quest, along with the number of people killed. There will be a chance to get the corresponding bonus amount. Then continue the journey to new levels.Game Murder Hornet

Difficult challenge

The difficulty of Murder Hornet will increase after each start of a new mission. The situation that happened will be re-enacted in a different situation. At the same time events will be more complicated than before. Create problems that you have to find solutions to. In order to control the attack bees kill each person with stings in turn. Accordingly, the number of people to destroy will be more. As well as the failure rate when performing the quest will increase. Make it difficult for you to lead the bee display. Along with that, complete the challenges in the later difficulty levels. At that time, you will receive a larger amount of bonuses than before.Tai Murder Hornet

Bonuses, collect golden keys

Bonuses are the main element used for trading in Murder Hornet. Through the completed levels receive rewards and accumulate. Or in the process of performing the task of leading the bee display. Gold keys can be randomly collected. After accumulating enough 3 keys will be used to open the treasure. There is a chance to get more large amount of bonuses. Accordingly, the money is used to unlock many new species of bees. Or upgrade their abilities to create more deadly stings. That will increase the efficiency in the process of leading them to attack humans. Can kill them with a single string.

Explore many places

Go through each level of Murder Hornet. There will be opportunities to explore many different locations. Along with the shape of people bring costumes in their own unique style. For example the woman in a bedroom. Man in disguise on the beach, a girl standing on a rock floating in a volcano. Or the woman moving from the house to the street. Or the man repairing the car in the yard. There are many other locations that will be opened with many different situations. Each place will have different activities taking place. Not only to increase the experience. It also helps you to demonstrate leadership skills to attack bees.Download Murder Hornet

Experience many situations that take place in Murder Hornet. Facing increasingly difficult challenges. Need to upgrade the strength of the bees. Through two different abilities, including speed and launch. Accordingly, the faster flight speed will make it impossible for humans to detect. From there, it will be impossible to dodge and react in time to the attack. At the same time, the improved launch ability will increase the power of the sting. Causing people to be thrown away from their current position.