Nonstop Knight 2.20.1 APK MOD [Cooldown]
Nonstop Knight 2.20.1 APK MOD [Cooldown]

Nonstop Knight 2.20.1 APK MOD [Cooldown]

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Step into the action-adventure in the game, Nonstop Knight. Following the role-playing gameplay is combined with idle action elements. You will become a hero to carry out the quest to explore the dungeon. Through the clicker operation to perform the action of attacking the enemy. Fight against demons and monsters in various areas. The goal is to beat them all to win and complete the assigned mission. From there collect valuable loot to use to enhance your own abilities. This is an offline game built on idle mechanics. Unleash an epic and non-stop RPG adventure. With a series of difficult challenges waiting ahead to be conquered.

Nonstop Knight MOD APK – Fight Monsters in Dungeon Exploration Adventure

Follow the content of the game to start the journey in the dungeon. Use the equipped weapon to attack the monsters. Accordingly, perform the mission through each level with tough challenges. Each level opens up an area in the dungeon with rough terrain. Along with that came waves of monster attacks. Your mission is to destroy the enemy with the specified number. After wiping out all will win and complete the assigned task. From there can continue to step into the journey at a new level. The difficulty also increases from there with many changing factors. Not just facing a larger number of monsters than before. But there are also many demons with more terrifying power.Nonstop Knight MOD

Open gameplay

The course of the adventure is to explore the dungeon. Based on the open gameplay, you can freely move and deploy your own attacks. Thereby, you can attack and move to dodge, in order to reduce the damage to yourself. At the same time can learn and use up to 3 different skills in the journey. From there attack monsters to survive, in turn destroy until wiping out all will win. In the process, there is also the opportunity to collect many valuable trophies. After each defeat, an enemy will randomly drop a different amount of gold coins. From there can collect and accumulate to use upgrades. Moreover, if you are lucky, you will also receive rare items.Game Nonstop Knight MOD

Fight epic bosses

In addition to the level battles that take place at Nonstop Knight. You can also participate in battles against bosses. Possesses strength that surpasses ordinary monsters, shown in health, defense, and damage stats. At the same time, the boss attacks extremely fiercely, which will make the hero difficult to defeat. It will even be easy to lose a life if the power is not enough. Here you can enter the boss battle alone, but the win rate is not high. To increase the probability of defeat, you can invite friends and form an alliance group. Then go into the dungeon together and fight the boss. After defeating will have the opportunity to receive many valuable loot and rare equipment.Tai Nonstop Knight MOD

Many skills

To diversify the hero’s fighting ability in the adventure. It is necessary to learn many new skills and use them in battle. Accordingly, there are some skills such as smashing, jumping, copying, fast slashing, black holes, and spinning. Each skill when used will bring its own special ability. For example, the clone will create another hero in the form of a shadow. From there, support the attack for a certain amount of time. Or fast slash will increase the hero’s slash speed, and can briefly deal damage to multiple enemies in the surrounding area.Download Nonstop Knight MOD

Upgrade equipment

To strengthen the hero’s fighting power to overcome ever-greater challenges. You can use the gold coins collected in the matches. Then upgrade weapons, armor, and hats to new levels. From there, enhance the individual attribute stats to help the hero become stronger. Besides, it is also possible to equip epic items with higher and rarer attributes. Examples include fire armor, emperor robes, and many more.

In the adventure of Nonstop Knight. Heroes can also capture pets for support. Accordingly, there will be many different animals, from the common to the epic. Once captured, the pet will support the hero throughout the journey. Do not stop moving anywhere and join the battle against monsters. Besides, it is also possible to enhance the ability of pets after going through battles. From there will get more support.

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Name ID Nonstop Knight
Updated On 06/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Flaregames
Size 84MB
New version 2.20.1
MOD Info Cooldown
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Update 06/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )