Pixel Z Hunter2 3D 35.5.0 APK MOD [Free Upgrades]
Pixel Z Hunter2 3D 35.5.0 APK MOD [Free Upgrades]

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D 35.5.0 APK MOD [Free Upgrades]

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Become a zombie hunter in Pixel Z Hunter2 3D. With the mission to fight against the scary zombies. Simultaneously overcome challenges through many different game modes. The same series of weapons are provided by the system to use during survival. Based on shooting action gameplay, combining role-playing elements. You will transform into the character Z in a large world. Collect resources, and explore mysterious areas to learn about the unfolding story. Besides, this game is played in offline mode. This makes it easy for you to experience without an internet connection. In particular, use Pixel graphics to reproduce the environment and images. As well as creating unique characters to bring interesting gameplay.

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D MOD APK – Survival Battle Against Scary Zombies

Choose to die or fight for life. These are two elements that take place in the game Pixel Z Hunter2 3D. Follow a simple story about the appearance of zombies. They bring disaster of the apocalypse. The fierce and brutal attack from the zombies has made humanity almost extinct. Now, the lucky survivors will become the targets of their pursuit. The bloodlust from zombies will put them in danger at any time. Only fighting can protect oneself. Because no matter where you run, you can’t escape the enemy, because of the large number. One of the survivors of the doomsday disaster. You will have to fight as a gunman. Use weapons to attack enemies, and escape death.Pixel Z Hunter2 3D

How to play, get rewards

Role-play as character Z in Pixel Z Hunter2 3D to start the battle for survival. The mission against the onslaught of zombies. The scene unfolds in a city full of death. Enemies appear everywhere with a thirst for blood. There is no better choice but to fight to protect yourself. Use weapons with various guns to attack. Only when killing zombies can they survive. It will also complete the task with the given challenges. At the same time receive attractive rewards of many types. For example gold coins, experience points, diamonds, loot, and resources. Over time, with even more excellent performance there will be a chance to get more rewards.Game Pixel Z Hunter2 3D

Quest system, increasing difficulty

The mission of Pixel Z Hunter2 3D takes place on a match-by-match basis. Revolving around the goal of wiping out enemies on the battlefield. Each mission will correspond to a level of play. Opens up in a different location in the city. After killing all zombies and winning to get rewards. From there you can continue to start a new task. The difficulty will increase with each increasing level. Not only battle locations will be changed. But the zombies will appear in greater numbers than before. Defense and attack are also improved. You will even have to fight zombie bosses in some mandatory missions. Makes you meet a lot of challenges to be able to complete. Skill requirements need to be constantly improved, as well as improving survival experience.Download Pixel Z Hunter2 3D

Game es

Based on the story of the zombie attack in Pixel Z Hunter2 3D. The battle takes place in many different game modes. With shooting content, but designed according to its own unique themes. Includes boss battle mode, survival mode, and exploration mode. For boss battle mode, will have to fight dangerous bosses. With the ability to surpass ordinary zombies. If you can’t destroy them and prolong the time, you will lose your life. The survival mode was introduced earlier. Choose to live or die before hordes of scary zombies. Only by destroying them can it be safe. Finally, there is the exploration mode, finding resources through many mysterious areas. As can be seen, each mode is designed with its own interesting gameplay. But they all require shooting and survival skills to be very flexible.Ear Pixel Z Hunter2 3D

Modified MOD information of Pixel Z Hunter2 3D

  • Mod Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money gear
  • free shopping

A variety of different weapons can be equipped for the character in Pixel Z Hunter2 3D. Includes unique-style assault guns. For example rifles, bazookas, sniper rifles, and shotguns. Or some melee weapons like knives, and katana swords. Moreover, using grenades with the ability to create explosions with a wide range of damage. From there, it is easy to destroy many enemies at the same time. In general, each type of weapon will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Depends on the gameplay, as well as the situation. From there, using the right weapon will help you easily kill zombies to survive.

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Name ID Pixel Z Hunter2 3D
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher PixelStar Games
Size 78MB
New version 35.5.0
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )