Pull the Pin 209.0.1 APK MOD [Unlocked Skins]
Pull the Pin 209.0.1 APK MOD [Unlocked Skins]

Pull the Pin 209.0.1 APK MOD [Unlocked Skins]

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Pull the Pin is a fun and challenging game. You will face various logic puzzles and must use intelligence to solve them. With a simple yet addictive approach, this game puts you in different situations. Requires you to take action at the right time to accomplish a goal. Your main task in Pull the Pin is to pull the tiles in each level so the balls can roll to the goal without being blocked by barriers or other obstacles. Throughout the game, you will face diverse and increasingly complex challenges. You must think logically and calculate carefully before taking any action. The game brings exciting entertainment moments and promotes logical thinking and quick decision ability. You must think carefully before dragging the tiles and making the right decision. This helps you not fall into a problematic situation or replay the level.

Pull the Pin MOD APK – Super simple gameplay

Each level in Pull the Pin has a simple structure. It would be best to drag the bricks to change the terrain and create paths for the balls. The main goal is to allow the balls to roll into the target position without falling into the obstacles. This requires you to calculate and decide to take action at the right time. Although it is a super simple game, the challenge is not small. You need to determine the correct order and time to drag the tiles. Create the optimal path for the balls, avoid the barriers, and consider the environment and all the factors. This game requires you to think logically and show ingenuity. The super-simple gameplay in the game offers a fun puzzle experience that players can quickly and easily engage with. This makes the game suitable for all audiences. From beginners to lovers of logic challenges and looking for no-frills entertainment.

Complete complex challenges

The game constantly increases difficulty and gives you a variety of levels. It requires you to use creative thinking to find a solution. As you progress through the levels, you will face more complicated situations. Many different factors coexist. New obstacles appear. You must consider the environment and decide wisely about the order and when to pull the tiles. You have to think more carefully and calculate carefully. Sometimes it may be necessary to create complex chain reactions. Drag the tiles in the correct order to create a series of events that help complete the goal. This requires an overview and the ability to plan carefully. Each challenge is an opportunity to demonstrate logical thinking ability. It would be best to combine many factors, from manipulating structures in the game to the properties of balls and barriers. The excitement comes from discovering and testing new solutions. Along with a sense of satisfaction as you overcome challenging challenges.

Customize the game

You can customize essential elements in the game. For example, the number of balls, their initial position, and the number and position of the tiles. As well as the barriers and structures at each level. This gives you the ability to set up the levels however you want. Create unique and fun challenges. Furthermore, the customization feature allows you to create and save your levels. You can experiment with unique ideas. Create unique challenges and share them with your community or friends. This creates a social and interactive aspect of the game. You can challenge and compete with others on the levels you have created.

Earn coins

You will be rewarded with coins corresponding to your performance when you successfully complete each level. This encourages you to demonstrate your ability to solve puzzles and challenges. At the same time, create encouragement for you to put more effort into completing the levels. Coins can be used to unlock new features. Such as new levels or levels. Or to customize the game to your liking. You can use coins to change the background and set up the game. Accumulating coins also creates an element of fun and goal for players. You can challenge yourself to earn a lot of coins.

Pull the Pin is a unique and fun game. This is an opportunity for players to challenge themselves in solving logic puzzles. Simple yet addictive gameplay, customization features, and social elements create an engaging experience. The game suits everyone, from beginners to lovers of challenging logic games. Let MODLMH discover your possibilities in the world of Pull the Pin now!

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Name ID Pull the Pin
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Popcore Games
Size 114MB
New version 209.0.1
MOD Info Unlocked Skins
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )