Punch Boxing 3D 1.1.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Punch Boxing 3D 1.1.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Punch Boxing 3D 1.1.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Participate in boxing matches in Punch Boxing 3D. You will enjoy the intense competition between gladiators. Follow the gameplay simulated based on real-life rules. Set on the floor of the station taking place in many different locations. With competition between two boxers to find the winner. They use the typical punches of boxing. Perform boxing-style punches. From there attack to defeat the opponent in the ring. Accordingly, this game is a 3D game. Designed with very realistic image quality. Along with the stunning effects shown through the attack action. Incorporating control mechanisms used in the form of icons. Intuitively arranged for easy control.

Punch Boxing 3D MOD APK – Career Development on the Road to Becoming a Professional Boxer

More than 30 boxers are waiting for you in Punch Boxing 3D. To develop a career on the way to becoming a professional boxer. You need to overcome the opponents in each match. Show your skills to defeat them. Win convincingly and follow the rules of the game. From there, it will increase in rank to become more and more famous. Accordingly, it will have to go through a challenging process. Face off against boxers who possess the outstanding fighting ability. Their strength is reflected in their attacks. As well as the experience gained from the matches. Causing you many difficulties even will have to accept failure.Punch Boxing 3D

Shaping the martial artists

Punch Boxing 3D has the appearance of many professional boxers. They are shaped with muscular force. Same body tattoos and different looks. In particular, each boxer is equipped with a pair of boxing gloves. With the signature shorts to compete. But that’s not so important. Because you need to care about the ability of each person. Boxers bring their own special attacks. They perform attacks in a typical boxing style. At the same time, it will cause pressure on you during the competition. Moreover, the latter’s competitors have the ability to outperform the former. That will make you lose if you can’t beat them.Game Punch Boxing 3D

Gameplay and rules

Before starting the fight in Punch Boxing 3D. You can choose the duration of each round and the number of rounds. Accordingly, you will be able to step onto the stage with a random boxer. Follow the rules to make the competition. Two boxers will attack each other with boxing attacks. In order to deal damage to the opponent reduce the amount of health. According to the time of play, after the end will continue the match in the new inning. Repeat this until the end of 3 rounds. Which boxer has the better record, shown by the score? From there will win get bonus. Or you can beat your opponent in 2 rounds. Then there will be no need to go through the score to classify the winner or loser.Tai Punch Boxing 3D

Unique Attacks

The process of fighting in the ring of Punch Boxing 3D. Boxers can perform attacks typical of the sport of boxing. Includes straight punches, horizontal punches, hook punches, movement, and defense. Accordingly, the attacks will be performed automatically. Your mission is to use the featured symbols to dodge and defend. In order to limit the amount of blood loss after attacks from the opponent. By combining martial arts self-competition skills. Along with experience you have been cultivated through many matches. From there, you can observe the opponent’s movements to make the next choice. Dodge, defend, or attack to deal damage.

More than 120 equipment, upgrade stats

Upgrading and customizing boxers is one of the activities that add to the experience. Help you develop your own special style boxer. Through 120 boxing equipment provided by Punch Boxing 3D. From there, you can choose your favorite gloves and shorts. But they need to use the money to buy. Besides, it is also possible to upgrade the strength of the boxer. Through the attack, defense, speed, endurance, and maximum health. To upgrade the level of an indicator will need to spend money. The amount will not stop increasing after each upgrade the next time.Download Punch Boxing 3D

From the matches in Punch Boxing 3D. Will be exploring many places taking place in famous cities. Including Bangkok, Las Vegas, London, Montreal, and Washington. Accordingly, each location is reproduced in its own environment. Along with cheers and cheers from a large number of fans around the stage. Through those locations will be participating in many different tournaments. Examples are Novices’Championship, Fiight’Championship, and Ulimate’Championnhip. There are many more tournaments to be discovered. But need to pay to be able to participate.

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Name ID Punch Boxing 3D
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher CanaryDroid
Size 106MB
New version 1.1.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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