Puzzles &Survival 7.0.151 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of diamonds, resources, everything]
Puzzles &Survival 7.0.151 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of diamonds, resources, everything]

Puzzles &Survival 7.0.151 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of diamonds, resources, everything]

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From a futuristic sci-fi story about the apocalypse. Open a Puzzles & Survival game. Earth is invaded by zombies, causing a tragedy of doom. The cause has not been determined, but many people have died because of their onslaught. Cities are nowhere near safe. A few lucky survivors made alliances with each other. Fight against the zombies who are trying to chase them. Now, you become the leader of the alliance group to join the war. Follow the match-3 puzzle gameplay to take the offensive action. Aim to stop the scary zombies, as well as protect yourself from the deadly danger. Help them survive the fierce post-apocalypse.

Description about Puzzles & Survival MOD APK – Match-3 Puzzle To Fight Zombies

Puzzles & Survival game is a puzzle game genre, combined with action elements. Unleash exciting match-3 puzzle matches. The content revolves around the attack between survivors and scary zombies. Accordingly, your task is to recruit survivors to create a team. Then lead them into puzzle battles against enemies. From solving puzzles to performing offensive actions, to dealing damage. The goal is to defeat the zombies to complete the mission. Simultaneously solve unknown mysteries. As well as building a solid defense, impregnable.Puzzles & Survival

Level-based missions, gradually difficult challenges

Follow the story taking place in Puzzles & Survival. Open the mission system according to each level of play. Revolving around survival battles in match-3 puzzle gameplay. Each level features a battle between the group of survivors and the zombies. After leading the group of people to defeat them will complete the quest. Also, receive rewards corresponding to the difficulty of participating. Continue new mission at next level. The challenge will increase, with varying difficulty. Not only the number of zombies need to fight more than before. And their attack ability is also superior. Show through each puzzle turn when attacking your group of people. Making the mission of survival more and more difficult than before. In the event that they cannot be prevented, it will take you more time to fight back.Game Puzzles & Survival

Turn-based gameplay

Each match in the Puzzles & Survival game is divided into several stages. Incorporate turn-based puzzle gameplay. During the war, each person in the group survives and each enemy zombie in turn will perform the puzzle. Use match-3 puzzle rules like games with similar themes. After passing a stage will continue to fight in the new stage. When killing all zombies in the battle will complete the mission. Based on that will receive rewards and valuable loot. As well as the opportunity to unlock more new content to explore the game.Tai Puzzles & Survival

Puzzle rules, create combos

Like other match-3 puzzle game genres. The rules of Puzzles & Survival are similar. The puzzle board is displayed according to the chessboard, divided into squares. There are stones of different colors and designs. Includes red, yellow, blue, purple, and some others. Your task is to match at least 3 of the same type in a vertical or horizontal row. It will then perform an attack to deal damage to the enemy. Besides, combining 4 or 5 or more tablets will create combos. Causes zombies to take more damage. Help the group of survivors quickly defeat them to end the match.

Recruit many characters

The post-apocalyptic world of Puzzles & Survival has many survivors. From the tavern, Noah can recruit many different characters. They are heroes equipped with advanced weapons. Possessing outstanding fighting ability and an attacking style of its own. The strength of each person is shown in the damage done to the zombies. Also equipped with unique weapons to attack after each puzzle turn. For example, use guns to fire bullets, use skills, and much more. Not stopping there, to enhance the strength of the heroes. It is necessary to upgrade equipment, through the loot collected.Download Puzzles & Survival

Modified MOD information of Puzzles & Survival

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of diamonds
  • Huge Amount Of resources
  • Huge Amount Of everything

Overall, Puzzles & Survival revolves around battles in the post-apocalyptic era. Instead of surviving alone on the journey against zombies. You will lead a limited number of people to participate in combat. Aim to survive the terrifying dangers to survive. Accordingly, your skills play a very important role. Decide on the outcome of each match-3 puzzle match. Try to complete the excellent mission to escape the attack from zombies.

Link Download Now Of Puzzles & Survival MOD APK

Name ID Puzzles & Survival
Updated On 22/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher 37GAMES
Size 305MB
New version 7.0.151
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited diamonds, resources, everything
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Update 22/05/2024 (4 days ago )


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not working . normal game version not modified and nothing unlocked