Race Max Pro {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money)
Race Max Pro {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Race Max Pro 0.1.421 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

By The Toan - 20/01/2024 (1 month ago) - 390MB
Name Race Max Pro
Updated On 20/01/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Tiramisu
Size 390MB
Version 0.1.421
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Update 20/01/2024 (1 month ago )

Race Max Pro opens exciting car races. Where speed is considered the factor to decide victory. But it also takes your driving skills to operate on the road. This game is a racing game genre. Takes place on the street and has many different routes. You as a great racer. Perform tasks according to career mode to develop. Especially the game is combined with three different racing styles, including speed, drift, and drag. Accordingly, you will enjoy extremely attractive gameplay when participating. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to compete with other online racers. Join them to sort out the winners and losers to prove their skills. Win convincingly and get valuable rewards.

Download Race Max Pro – Competitive Racing On The Roads

Become a pro racer in the Race Max Pro game. Drive your car to top speed on the roads. At the same time compete with other competitors. Cross dangerous turns to continue the journey. Drift techniques can be combined to drift at high-speed turns. Constantly increasing speed to reach the destination. Complete the race with the best score. By finishing with the top position on the leaderboard. From there will win and receive bonuses. Continue the new race to develop the career of a racer. A lot of difficult challenges are waiting for you ahead.Race Max Pro

Career development

Go on quests in Race Max Pro ‘s career mode. Open races in many different levels. Each race takes place according to multiple themes. Race competitively with rivals and drift racing. Or race against another opponent to sort out the winners and losers. After winning to complete the mission of a race. Will continue to engage in new levels, with many changing elements. The terrain and racing environment will be reproduced in a different setting. Especially the racing ability of the opponents will be improved. Thanks to intelligent AI control. At the same time on the track, there will be many dangerous turns and turns. The above will make the difficulty increase after each level. Make it difficult for you to finish the race with the lead.Game Race Max Pro

Real time racing

The gameplay of Race Max Pro takes place in real-time. The process of racing on the road. You will have to drive along the route to move forward. Each race is divided into several laps. Pass each round in turn and compete with opponents. After reaching the finish line, based on location and completion time. If possible lead with the earliest gain time. From there will win convincingly to receive rewards.


To be able to win, skill plays a very important role. Because that is a direct determinant of the results in Race Max Pro. The track needs to combine with the control mechanism of the game. Use a flexible way to perform driving operations. Pass dangerous turns at high speed. Through the action of drifting correctly. There must be no collision with the dividing line on both sides of the road. Otherwise, the vehicle speed will be reduced, creating an opportunity for the opponent to pass.Ear Race Max Pro

Use nitro

During driving to race on the roads of Race Max Pro. If you want to increase speed faster, help the racing car shorten the distance from the opponent or leave them behind. You can use nitro, which will increase the speed to greater than the maximum speed the car can reach. However, nitro is only used for a certain period of time. To continue using will have to accumulate energy from performing risky techniques. From there, you can continue to use it to increase the win rate higher.

Racing car system

There are many different racing cars for you to use. Each car in Race Max Pro is impressively designed. Expressed through components and paint colors. At the same time, the vehicle system is divided into several segments. In order from A, B, C, D, E. Each segment has many models to choose from. But to own a favorite car will need the corresponding amount. According to each segment, the cars will have different prices. So you need to accumulate from previous races.Download Race Max Pro

Performance of each racing car in Race Max Pro. The system will display details according to different indicators. Includes the maximum speed the vehicle can achieve on the road. Acceleration every time you hit the gas, control with agility, and speed increase after using nitro. Moreover, upgrade money can be used to increase the stats. But it should be noted, after each upgrade, the amount to make the next time will increase more.