Racing Fever: Moto {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and tickets)
Racing Fever: Moto {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and tickets)

Racing Fever: Moto 1.97.0 APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and tickets)

By The Toan - 13/12/2023 (3 months ago) - 110MB
Name Racing Fever: Moto
Updated On 13/12/2023
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Gameguru Advertisement FZC
Size 110MB
Version 1.97.0
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money and tickets
Update 13/12/2023 (3 months ago )

Do you want to enjoy a brand-new motorcycle racing game? Experiencing acceleration on traffic-filled roads? Everything is waiting when it comes to Racing Fever: Moto game. This is a type of motorcycle racing game. Plays out in many different game modes. With a combination of sharp 3D graphics. Use high-quality images to recreate the environment of the races. Provides 4 viewing angles to choose from. In particular, the camera angle from the driver will give you a real feeling. Along with that are dramatic competitive races. Open up 4 areas with 4 gang leaders. Accordingly, it will have to overcome many races to be able to defeat them. Prove your skills to become a professional racer.

Download Racing Fever: Moto – Motorcycle Racing In Various es

Racing Fever: Moto opens motorcycle races in 4 regions. Each area recreates a location, divided into many challenges. Accordingly, it will start from the village area. Race against other rivals in the gangs. The goal is to overtake them on the roads to reach the finish line with the lead. From there win and receive valuable bonuses. Overcome each challenge in turn to conquer an area. The leader can be defeated by passing them on the road. Then continue to step into the new area. The race venue is changed to a different theme.Racing Fever- Moto

Difficult challenge

Prove your motocross skills in Racing Fever: Moto. By winning convincingly, make your opponent finish after you. Then it is possible to continue a new race. The difficulty of the challenge will increase, with various variations. The track opens in a different environment. Traffic is dense, with a lot of vehicles on the road. Especially the racing ability of competitors. Better than previous competitors. That will make you face many challenges during the competition. But at the same time, the rewards received after the challenges will be much larger.Racing Fever- Moto

Game es

Coming to Racing Fever: Moto will enjoy many different game modes. The difference between each mode is shown in the content. With the rules given, need to be followed. Along with a series of difficult tasks to overcome. es such as:

  • Escape mode: Break your speed limit by running away from the traffic police force.
  • Daily mode: There are races every day to participate in. Fulfill the conditions to get the bonus after winning.
  • Private mode: Allows you to create a race according to your own rules. Through customizations to set up racing content. From traffic density, weather conditions, environment, speed, and even the number of police cars.
  • Multiplayer mode: Open multiplayer online races. With the participation of riders from all over the world. Overtake each one in the competitive racing to win. From there, you have the opportunity to put your name on the achievement rankings.

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Many cars on the road, influenced by the environment

The process of motorcycle races on the road at Racing Fever: Moto. Heavy traffic density. Includes vehicles such as trucks, cars, SUVs,… and many more. They move on many different lanes. Create a system of obstacles in the way. Making it very difficult for you to move forward. A right-hand collision will mean an accident. The race will have to end early and the mission cannot be completed. Moreover, environmental conditions and viewing angles are also factors that create difficulties. With fast movement speed, combined with a dark environment. Making it difficult to observe the appearance of vehicles from afar. That will lead to difficult situations to handle.

There are 16 motorbikes

In Racing Fever: Moto there are 16 different motorcycles. They are impressively designed with unique styling. From scooters, and off-road vehicles, to sporty motorcycles and classic motorcycles. Each type is very realistically simulated, based on inspiration from real-life motor vehicles. To be able to unlock each car will require a large amount of money. From the race after completing the mission or winning against other opponents. You can choose your favorite car to unlock.Game Racing Fever- Moto

MOD Feature of Racing Fever: Moto

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money and tickets

The performance of each car in Racing Fever: Moto is shown through the parameters. Includes top speed, acceleration, control, braking, and nitro. Accordingly, each parameter plays an important role in vehicle operation. Will bring great advantages when racing against other competitors. Besides, after owning a motorbike. Money can be used to change the color, creating a more prominent car.