Royal Archero VS BOSS 3.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, One hit, Immortal]
Royal Archero VS BOSS 3.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, One hit, Immortal]

Royal Archero VS BOSS 3.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, One hit, Immortal]

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Idle combat in the action game Royal Archero VS BOSS. This is an action-shooter game. Revolving around monster attacks in areas. The content unfolds in an immersive style. You will become a master archer or a professional shooter. Moreover, many characters possess different fighting abilities. Then get ready to step into the dramatic matches. With the appearance of so many dangers. With a series of challenges waiting for you ahead. Only by overcoming them and successfully surviving. Only then can you win to receive rewards. To add more fun to the game. Also, enjoy the gameplay with a top-down view. Many other features will be learned in detail when participating.

Royal Archero VS BOSS MOD APK – Become An Archer To Fight Monsters And Bosses

The gameplay of Royal Archero VS BOSS is in a level fighting style. Role-play as a hero to get ready for the mission. Aim against dangerous monsters in each area. By using the equipped weapon to attack the opponent. Continuously deals damage to all enemies. Try to destroy them to complete the mission. Then proceed forward to reach the door at the end location. From there can complete the mission and successfully survive. Also, have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards. Along with many loots to equip yourself. To enhance combat ability to prepare to enter new journeys.Download Royal Archero VS BOSS

Quest system, increasing difficulty

Follow the idle battle content of Royal Archero VS BOSS. The mission system will be recreated at each level. With a series of challenges that will be faced when participating. Each level corresponds to a survival battle mission. Once completed and receive the reward. Will be stepping into a challenge at the next level. The difficulty has also increased since then, with many factors changed. Make it more difficult for you to complete the task. For example, the number of monsters to destroy will be more than before. The terrain and surroundings are also changed. Especially will have to fight new, more capable enemies. Not stopping there, sometimes you have to fight the boss.Game Royal Archero VS BOSS

The process takes place

In a battle that took place at Royal Archero VS BOSS. The monsters will attack as soon as you appear. According to the idle gameplay, the hero will automatically fight back with the equipped weapon. You need to dodge the onslaught of enemies. By moving flexibly in the arena. From there, limit the amount of blood that will be lost to increase the survival rate in the next battle. Along with that, based on the monsters that have been defeated. When sweeping the whole will have the opportunity to collect a large number of gold coins. They drop from enemies to help you accumulate and trade.Ear Royal Archero VS BOSS

Types of Powers and Paths

After successfully sweeping monsters in a level of Royal Archero VS BOSS. The system will offer 3 different options. Those are temporary powers, but can only choose 1 of 3 types. Can heal maximum, increase attack speed, and increase damage. Change the firepower of the weapon when used, can fire multiple bullets in one turn. There are many other powers that will be unlocked as you go deeper into the areas.

Besides, you can also choose the path to enter the next area. Each path is represented by a form of power. For example, deal extra damage around, a certain distance. Or the way to increase maximum blood volume. Furthermore, the path carries defensive shield symbols and random rewards.

Equipment to increase strength

Hero of the battle Royal Archero VS BOSS has a long-range attack style. Can use many different weapons to fight. Includes bows and arrows, AK guns, bazookas, darts, and more. Each weapon equipped will carry a special ability of its own. Can deal damage to monsters to destroy. It can also be upgraded to enhance its abilities. Improved damage stats for the superior attack.Royal Archero VS BOSS

In addition to the weapon system, there are many other items to equip. Each type will have many choices to enhance strength stats. As well as highlighting the hero to be different. For example, equipping armor with left and right rings will improve stamina and health. Even more special when you can bring two pets to join. They are powerful creatures that will aid the hero’s attack in the process of fighting the enemy.

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Name ID Royal Archero VS BOSS
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher W Online
Size 114MB
New version 3.4
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Money, One hit, Immortal
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )