Run Rich 3D 1.21 APK MOD [Free Reward]
Run Rich 3D 1.21 APK MOD [Free Reward]

Run Rich 3D 1.21 APK MOD [Free Reward]

By The Toan - 03/01/2024 (3 months ago) - 106MB
Name Run Rich 3D
Updated On 03/01/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher VOODOO
Size 106MB
Version 1.21
MOD Features Free Reward
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Update 03/01/2024 (3 months ago )

Introduction to the game Run Rich 3D. This is a game in the action category. But built content in a racing style. With an automatic running forward mechanism to perform collection operations. Follow the story taking place in this game. Your task is to accompany the character to collect as many money bills as possible. To change the character’s costume to become more splendid and noble. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid objects such as bottles, trash cans, and more. Because if you collect them, you will become poorer and poorer than before. It is even possible to lose everything and suffer empty-handed. From the activities mentioned above, it can be seen that this game is a racing game to change the fashion style.

Download Run Rich 3D MOD APK – A Journey To Change Yourself On The Road

According to the content of the game Run Rich 3D. Open the path to change yourself with the desire to become a famous person. To do that you will have to avoid the evils. Choose your path through activities. It is possible to turn yourself from a poor person to a famous person. Requires you to earn a lot of money to change yourself. The difference in a person’s rank is reflected in their outfit and hairstyle. `From collecting money to changing yourself. Going to the final path to decide whether to enter the portal for celebrities or not? Everything depends on you on the path of development.Run Rich 3D

Gameplay and rules

The gameplay of Run Rich 3D is racing style. On the way self-change takes place. The character is a girl with the desire to enter the area for celebrities. Accordingly, it will have to earn a lot of money to buy new costumes. Change hairstyle, dress, and shoes. Especially choosing an educational path instead of participating in a fun journey. The collection of currency appears scattered at various locations along the way. At the same time, you have to avoid obstacles. Those are the things that are considered evils that will make them poor. Need to avoid them, because if collected will make your money decrease. This means lowering your rank.Game Run Rich 3D

Quests by level

Build missions for each level in Run Rich 3D. Open the way to change yourself. Each level is a challenging journey. Your task is to avoid the objects on the road to not lose the amount. At the same time try to collect coins as much as possible. Aim to change the character’s rank to become beautiful and famous. Achievements will be determined after reaching the finish line. Based on the change of the character itself and the difficulty of the level. Along with playing double bonus spins, X3, X4, and X5. From there will receive bonuses to accumulate.Tai Run Rich 3D

Increasing difficulty

Continue the journey on new roads of Run Rich 3D. More challenges will increase with each start of a new level. The path of personal development is further than before. A large number of objects make you poor and appear more. At the same time, they are intricately positioned, causing obstacles to make it easy to collect. At the same time, the amount of money also increased more than the previous challenges. Gives you the opportunity to accumulate a lot to change yourself to be different. After completing the race process by reaching the finish line. Do the best you can to become a celebrity. Then there will be a chance to receive a larger bonus amount.

Lots of activities on the road

On the way to change yourself at Run Rich 3D. There is a lot going on that needs to be done. In addition to trying to collect money to change the character’s appearance. There is also to avoid bottles of wine, cards, bags, and many other things. Along with choosing the correct path through two gates at a certain location on the road. Each gate opens to a different path. Will help you become more famous for good things. Or make you a person at the bottom of society. In addition, they have to deal with criminals. If they collide, they will be robbed of some of the money they have earned.Download Run Rich 3D

Starting from a poor girl, walking unsteadily on the road at Run Rich 3D. Follow the money earned and dodge the evils. At that time, I will change myself to become a young person, reflected in the style of dress. At the same time, the style when moving is also different. Continue to collect money with the desire to wear more beautiful costumes. For example, a long dress to go to the festival. Or dress up in a playful style, stay warm, and more.