SEOUL Apocalypse 1.11.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems, free craft, unlock all characters]
SEOUL Apocalypse 1.11.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems, free craft, unlock all characters]

SEOUL Apocalypse 1.11.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems, free craft, unlock all characters]

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Set in an underworld and unfold a compelling story. The content of SEOUL Apocalypse revolves around the battle between minors and criminal episodes. Accordingly, there will be competitions on the streets of Seoul. Aim for domination of the city and the underworld. Since then there have been frequent battles. Your mission is to recruit characters to fight the criminal syndicate. Aim to stop their domination to save the city. Through the game will have to overcome many different challenges. As well as enjoy the 2D anime-themed gameplay. With an impressive design of the environment and the shaping of the characters. Bringing you exciting, but also dramatic anime battles.

Description about SEOUL Apocalypse MOD APK – Fight Against Crime Corporations In Seoul City

Follow the story of SEOUL Apocalypse that opens in the underworld of Seoul. After the natural disaster of a tsunami. The entire city was subjected to great pressure from the sea, causing buildings to fall into disrepair. Recreate a harsh post-apocalyptic setting. Taking advantage of that opportunity, a criminal syndicate has begun to conduct a domination plot. They make brutal policies and force everyone to comply. That has created a dominance that is hard to topple. But facing difficult conditions to accept. The minors were determined to resist. They gathered together to fight the forces of the corporation. Since then, there has been a rivalry between the two forces.SEOUL Apocalypse

Chapter missions, tough challenges

Revolving around the war between minors and the criminal syndicate in SEOUL Apocalypse. When you join, you will accompany the children. Lead them to attack to stop the plot of the ruler. Through the mission system that takes place in each chapter. Each chapter will open many fierce battles. You need to help the children overcome the fierce attack from the criminal syndicate. Aim to beat them to win.

However, the difficulties will increase day by day. Because after successfully fighting the group of criminals sent by the corporation. Will have to continue to fight more dangerous enemies. They are also equipped with modern combat weapons. At the same time possessing outstanding ability. Making the competition will be pushed to the climax. But rely on your strategy and the skills of the minors. It is certainly possible to defeat the forces of evil. Help the city of Seoul to be revived after a near-destructive disaster.Game SEOUL Apocalypse

Idle gameplay, with support features

Follow the idle combat gameplay of the title SEOUL Apocalypse. The process takes place in a click-and-auto competition. Accordingly, it is possible to use the auto feature to automatically fight the characters. Attack enemies in your own style. Simultaneously over time takes place with enemy forces. From the attack will accumulate skill points. When maxed out, it can be used to unleash the power. In order to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies, causing them to suffer. Besides, it can also shorten the time. Through the X2 feature provided by the game. When used will increase the speed of the battle 2 times faster.Download SEOUL Apocalypse

Unlock more characters

SEOUL Apocalypse game has many different characters for you to recruit. Includes Jong ee, Bastard, Jin-Su, Jumbo, and Jacket. There are many more characters to be discovered after winning the chapters. The difference between them is reflected in their appearance, appearance, and fighting style. Therefore, on the battlefield, the attack ability of each person will not be the same. For example, they use swords to make slashes. Armed with guns and non-stop firing. Or use a baseball bat to make hits. Depends on the attack style of each character. You need to learn to choose and arrange into the squad. Simultaneously combined with strategy will bring efficiency.Ear SEOUL Apocalypse

Modified MOD information of SEOUL Apocalypse

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money and gems
  • free craft
  • free shopping
  • unlock all characters

The ability of each character in SEOUL Apocalypse is shown through many factors. Besides recruiting them, it’s also important to pay attention to the level. After winning the battle, you will receive experience points. At that time, it will gradually accumulate to be able to increase to new levels. Improves stats like health, attack power, and defense. Moreover, it is possible to equip additional items. Through the available squares of each person. From there equip items to increase the stats. Or from the equipment obtained after completing the quests of the chapters. The Autoquip feature can be used to automatically sort.

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Name ID SEOUL Apocalypse: Stylish RPG
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Super Awesome Inc.
Size 119MB
New version 1.11.8
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money and gems, free craft, unlock all characters
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )