Shortcut Run {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Coins)
Shortcut Run {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Coins)

Shortcut Run 1.36 APK MOD (Unlimited Coins)

By The Toan - 02/01/2024 (2 months ago) - 78MB
Name Shortcut Run
Updated On 02/01/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher VOODOO
Size 78MB
Version 1.36
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Update 02/01/2024 (2 months ago )

If you are a fan of simple and fun games, you should explore the game collection from the publisher Voodoo, typically Shortcut Run. This game is built with super simple yet highly addictive mechanics. It promises to bring you a wonderful relaxing time. In the game, your task is to collect as many boards as possible to reach the finish line as soon as possible. Of course, you won’t be on the track alone. Increasingly agile AI opponents will become your biggest obstacle. Find a way to beat them with your speed and dexterity. The best rewards are only for the top 1 place.

Download Shortcut Run – Race and defeat others on fun mazes

This game will make you think differently about the “racing” genre. Simply because it has no rules to hinder your speed and style. It offers hundreds of levels from easy to difficult and gives you endless fun after each level. In it, your task is simply to swipe on the screen. But how to swipe to run is up to you. In other words, you don’t need to follow any rules. You can even collide with other athletes and make them lose. Of course, you can cheat, as long as you get to the finish line first. So do you have any plans for yourself?


Play your way

On each game screen, you just need to swipe on the screen to move the character as you like. Your goal is to collect as many boards as you can. They are available on the tracks in limited quantities. With the collected planks, you will use them to build bridges. Why do you need to build bridges when there are seamless tracks? Connecting race tracks has never been the best way to get you to the finish line. You need to build bridges to cross the waters, thereby shortening the distance to the final location. So, besides collecting the plank, you also need to know how to choose the path. Choose the shortest path but do not forget the safety factor. If you don’t have enough planks to build a bridge, you can fall into the water and stop right away.


Some tips that you should not miss

Although it is a simple game, this game also requires a bit of strategy. That’s why you should get yourself some tips to play better. Some of the following tips can help you when playing Shortcut Run.

Run in a straight line: There are many different ways to run to the finish line, but the shortest way is to run in a straight line. So keep an eye out to find the final spot on the track. Then you just run straight there. Of course, you need enough boards to cross the gaps. Besides, apply this principle flexibly depending on the shape of the track at each level.

Beat your opponents: One of the good ways to increase your win rate is to eliminate other opponents. You can do that by knocking them off the track. At the same time, steal the boards they collect to enrich your resources.

Take advantage of obstacles: In each track, there is a number of points called “Push”. They will help you jump high and outrun your opponent in no time. Look for these points and use them to conquer the track.

Go on the opponent’s path: If you are behind others, you can take advantage of the path they have built. It’s a way to save your plank but still easily traverse empty gaps.


Unlock many unique skins

This game offers a fairly diverse collection of skins for characters and boards. They are ranked from common to rare and legendary. To unlock them, you can use about 5000 gold coins. If you’re lucky, you’ll get rare skins. It could be a hip-hop outfit or a super cool suit. Besides, there are many types of planks with unique colors and shapes. So save your bonus to unlock them all. Or you can download the version here to enjoy shopping.


Simple design, vibrant music

The simplicity of the game is not only reflected in the gameplay but also in the graphic aspect. And this feature is one of the hallmarks of the series from Voodoo. Most of the images in the game are designed quite rudimentary. However, they bring colorful colors and thereby bring a vivid experience of space. Moreover, the character image looks petite and adorable. They create a comfortable feeling for every player when controlling them on the screen. Moreover, with vibrant and cheerful background music, the game will help you relax while playing.

Don’t miss Shortcut Run if you are in need of a simple game for fun. You just swipe on the screen to play through hundreds of levels here. But you will get endless fun with super addictive racing mechanics. It is not only for entertainment but also to test your intellect. You have to find the best way to be the first to finish. So do you have any interesting tips?