Skid rally: Racing & drifting 1.028 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Skid rally: Racing & drifting 1.028 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Skid rally: Racing & drifting 1.028 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Skid rally: Racing & drifting is an arcade racing game developed by Mamboo Games. Accordingly, opening speed races in many different modes. Play as a racer to participate in challenging races. Control your vehicle to move on the roads. Compete with other opponents to show off your skills. Aim for the goal to reach the finish line with the lead to win. From there, become a champion and receive valuable rewards. To increase the experience for all players when participating. The publisher has used many interesting features to bring the best gameplay. From diverse vehicle systems to advanced customization mechanisms. Allows you to design racing cars with different parts as desired.

Skid rally: Racing & drifting MOD APK – Driving Racing Cars Join the Modes

Get ready to participate in real-time races. From a third-person perspective control your vehicle moving on the road. Within the required time limit, it is necessary to drive the car over the complex terrain. From there, complete the race and receive rewards with the corresponding amount. It is then possible to participate in the next race with increased new challenges. Accordingly, the time will be reduced, the track has many obstacles, and the terrain changes. Make it difficult for you to complete.Skid rally- Racing & drifting MOD

Race mode 1vs1

Are you confident enough to compete with another competitor in a race? You can come to the game’s 1vs1 racing mode to show off your skills. Control your car and compete with another racer on the road. Demonstrate skill combined with learned experience to operate. Aim to outrun the opponent and head to the finish line to win. From there become the champion and prove your skills.

Drag mode

Challenge the drag mode in the game with the mechanics of shifting on the road. As the real-time gameplay unfolds, you’ll control your car to shift gears. Starting from 1st gear, it is necessary to observe the speed and movement of the vehicle. From there, change the appropriate gear so that the car can operate at a faster speed. The goal is to increase the maximum speed in the shortest time to be able to complete the journey. From there proceed to the finish line and complete the mission.Game Skid rally- Racing & drifting MOD

Drift mode

Come to the drift mode of the game Skid rally: Racing & drifting. Similar to other modes, the racing mechanism will be played in real-time. Here you have no competitors, no obstacles. But the biggest obstacle is the terrain which requires vehicle control skills. Accordingly, you will have to travel on a road for a limited time. Perform risky drifting techniques to drift, thereby accumulating points with the task of reaching the specified number of points. Complete missions and get valuable rewards.

Gymkhana mode

Show off your car driving skills in Gymkhana mode. Open up the racing tracks full of obstacles with the appearance of obstacles. Along with that is the challenge of the terrain that will make you difficult. According to the mechanism that takes place, will have to control the car to move on the road. But absolutely do not collide with obstacles, ensuring that the vehicle does not have an accident. This mode requires high precision and requires the driver’s skill to be really flexible.Tai Skid rally- Racing & drifting MOD

Diverse racing car system

To provide a diverse driving experience for every player involved. The game offers a rich collection of racing cars. With a lot of different car models designed according to their own style. Examples include two-door sports cars, sedans and even supercars. There are many other racing models that will be explored later. Each car is modeled differently. At the same time, the difference between them is also reflected in the paint color and component parts. However, to be able to own them will have to use the money to buy them.Download Skid rally- Racing & drifting MOD

After owning a racing car you desire in Skid rally: Racing & drifting. Customization can be made to design in your own way. Through customization of system-provided parts. For example, front bumper cover, rear bumper, spoiler with many styles. Along with that, it is possible to equip additional sports air vents on the bonnet. Or change the default paint color to your favorite color. From there, make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

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Name ID Skid rally: Racing & drifting
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Mamboo Games
Size 228MB
New version 1.028
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )