Slap Kings 1.9.0 APK MOD [Onehit, Huge Amount Of coins, No QC]

Slap Kings 1.9.0 APK MOD [Onehit, Huge Amount Of coins, No QC]

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Slap Kings 1.9.0 APK MOD [Onehit, Huge Amount Of coins, No QC]

Welcome to the relaxing game Slap Kings. This is an action-packed entertainment game. Unlock competitive levels with slap-and-slap gameplay. The content revolves around competitions between two characters. They take turns performing slaps on the opponent’s face to deal damage. To find the last man standing. Accordingly, you will have to perform a finishing slap to knock the opponent out of the round. From there win and get rewarded. With a combination of fun animated 3D graphics. There are many different characters for you to compete with. Also has the opportunity to upgrade the power to increase the ability to slap and endure better. Aim to be the champion in turn-based slap competitions.

Slap Kings MOD APK – Solo With Opponents To Become The Slap Champion

According to the rules of the game Slap Kings. The process taking place is a slap contest between two characters at one location. They will take turns performing their slaps when it is their turn. The match lasts until the opponent is defeated first. The other person will win because still standing in the ring. Accordingly, to be able to become the champion in the slap tournament. You need to have enough power to do more damage. As well as requiring a large amount of health to withstand many turn-based crosses every time the opponent takes action. In particular, the last cross will be the finishing touch. Causes the opponent’s health to run out and be thrown out of the ring.Slap Kings

Competitions by level

Are you ready to participate in slapping contests? Come to Slap Kings to start the path to becoming a champion. With matches opened at each level. Each level will have to compete with an opponent. Take turns doing each slap each time it is your turn. After finishing the opponent with a slap, he is thrown out of the ring. From there will win to get a bonus. Includes gold coins corresponding to the difficulty level of participation.

Through the match slap each level. When you reach a certain level, you can also enter the reward level. Here you do not have to solo with your opponent with turn-based slaps. That means not having to accept the failure of any kind. Instead, it will be practiced by repeatedly performing slaps into the sandbag. After destroying the sandbag will complete the task and get a lot of bonuses.Game Slap Kings

The difficulty increases gradually with many changes

Continue the slapping contest in the new level of Slap Kings. Will have to compete with another competitor. Possesses a greater amount of health and power generated from the slap. Causes your character to take large amounts of damage. This means that the difficulty of the game will increase every time you move to the next level. It’s not just the opponent’s abilities that are changed. The environment in which the competition takes place is also changed.

Slap competitions open at various locations. It can be mentioned as in the ring, in the city center. On the road and in the boxing-style iron cage. There are many other competition locations that will be unlocked in turn when a certain level is reached. Differences between locations are reflected in the context and surroundings.Ear Slap Kings

Use the meter bar to determine the slap force

The gameplay mechanism of Slap Kings is quite simple. Every time it’s your turn during competitions. You will be using a moving watch over and over again. Shown through a display bar with different colors. Accordingly, in order to generate a great force, it will be necessary to seize the opportunity to press. Make the clock hands stop in the middle. The cross forces will be reduced gradually when the clock hands stop moving to the outer two sides. Even more interesting, each slapping force is determined based on the meter bar. The character will automatically perform different actions to slap the opponent in the face.Download Slap Kings

To be able to become a champion in Slap Kings. You need to be stronger. Accordingly, it will be necessary to upgrade strength and health. Through the use of bonuses accumulated from completed levels. From there, upgrade the maximum health to be larger. Can withstand multiple slaps from opponents in competition. Likewise, upgrade the power to increase the slap force. Deals more damage when slapping the opponent’s face, causing the HP to decrease rapidly. Thereby increasing the rate of winning higher in the next competitions. However, it should be noted that after each upgrade, the amount to be used the next time will increase.

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Name ID Slap Kings
Updated On 06/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 102MB
New version 1.9.0
MOD Info Onehit, Unlimited coins, No QC
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