Sling Drift 4.14 APK MOD [Unlock All Vehicles]

Sling Drift 4.14 APK MOD [Unlock All Vehicles]

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Sling Drift 4.14 APK MOD [Unlock All Vehicles]

How far can you move in the game Sling Drift? This is a racing game that combines off-road elements. Through the top-down perspective to control moving vehicles. From there perform drift action at high speed to overcome the bends. At the same time, make sure not to collide with the terrain to ensure safety. This game is in the action game category of developer Tastypill. Built on simple graphics, combined with realistic sound effects. Expressed through the drifting sound of vehicles on the road. Besides, the configuration is also optimized to fit all devices. At the same time, it is played in offline mode, making it easy for you to experience even without the network.

Sling Drift MOD APK – Drift Drive Through Curves To Cross the Terrain

Although it is a game built with racing content. But the game is completely different from other racing game genres. First of all, it can be mentioned that the graphics are built very simply. With the background open to winding roads and bends. They are built-in environments designed in a single color. For example, the environment is made of green, white, and more. Besides, the sound effects of the game are designed very impressively. Recreate the sound of vehicle tires when performing drift technique to drift. Simultaneously simulate the effect of wheel tracks on the road surface every time you drift.Sling Drift MOD

Style play

The gameplay mechanism in the game is very unique. Instead of using an intuitively reimagined steering system to control the vehicle. Here, the developer has optimized just a touch to operate the car. Accordingly, the vehicle will automatically move forward, but cannot change direction by itself. The process takes place, at the bends and turns there will be yellow dots. You need to choose the right time to touch and release, from which the vehicle will shoot a wire to make direct contact with the yellow dot. It will then rely on the generated traction to perform the drift action at high speed. If hitting the terrain will cause an accident, meaning the journey will be over.Game Sling Drift MOD

Endless driving with increasing difficulty

The drift race in the Sling Drift game is very interesting. Instead of unlocking each level to prove skills by overcoming challenges. Here, after each driving accident, it will start again from the starting point. Based on the endless driving mechanism, it is possible to travel unlimited distances. But the difficulty will increase with the change of terrain and environment. At the same time, the pace will be pushed up faster to challenge your ability to control the vehicle. Requires high accuracy, as well as the right time to shoot the rope to drift. From there move forward with the goal of surpassing one’s own achievements previously achieved.Tai Sling Drift MOD

Racing car collection

The game owns a diverse vehicle collection. Includes many cars designed with different models. Examples include sedans, two-door sports cars, supercars, F1 racing cars, and many more. Each vehicle is designed in its own way. The difference between them is also reproduced through the exterior paint color. Accordingly, to be able to receive the means there will be two ways. Through the use of diamonds to buy in the store. Or complete daily quests required to unlock.

The race is divided into several stages

The course of the race will be divided into several different stages. Each stage will be simulated in a separate environment. Accordingly, each bend or turn will be numbered ordinal. After completing a certain stage will be entered a new stage. At the same time that process will have the opportunity to collect valuable diamonds. They appear in a straight line that the vehicle will move through to advance to the next stage. Go through stages, from which you can accumulate a large number of diamonds to use in trading activities in the game.Download Sling Drift MOD

To be able to get more diamonds in Sling Drift you need to complete different tasks. Accordingly, the system opens a list of tasks to perform. For example, get 25 points, participate in 5 races and pass 10 turns in one drive. There are many other quests that will be unlocked after completion. Depending on each task with different difficulty, from there will receive the corresponding amount of diamonds.

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Name ID Sling Drift
Updated On 09/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher tastypill
Size 48MB
New version 4.14
MOD Info Unlock All Vehicles
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